I've been looking for some resources on materials and processes people use for grass, leaves, bushes, trees, and other plant life you'd find in exterior sets. But I haven't found anything.

I want to stay way from using moss as grass, I also don't like the idea of cutting grass and leaves.

Any ideas? Or websites that detail out something?

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You should try model railway shops, they tend to sell grass mats, shrubbery and trees.

I had to teach some stuff on this a little while ago, and found this guys website invaluable- think maybe Nick Hilligoss-man posted it originally...


Awesome, this looks like a great resource.  Where do you teach?

I've taught all over the place in London- that was for post-grad students at University of Greenwich, a gig which is now over- i still teach after effects, maya, and stop motion at Morley College, Waterloo...but stop motion is my real baby...

I recently used artificial lawn from Bunnings (big hardware chain in Australia) for grass in a 1:6 scale set.  It comes in rolls, 2 metres wide I think it was.   There were some realistic lawn with different colours in it, some long pale bits like newly grown grass, darker stuff, then a few twisted pale brown bits like dead grass mixed in, but that was all too big in scale and I couldn't use it.  What I used was cheaper and much shorter, and one shade of green all over.  Looked fake and shiny to begin with. So I sprayed and bushed and spattered it with acrylic paint, and it came up all right.  A little big for the scale still, especially as the puppet and set were a very realistic scale, but it actually looks ok on camera.  Not my film so I don't know how much I can show.   But I needed a big back yard covered in grass, and that did the trick.

I used branches from real trees with small leaves to make trees and bushes.  I have an English Box - used for hedging - growing in a pot that I keep for just that purpose.  They need to dry a bit so they settle and stop shrinking, then get sprayed green to bring back the colour to the leaves.  

I found some plastic foliage for a couple of shrubs, and some small plastic plants made for aquariums made a few small weeds.

Here are a couple of shots from when I was building the sets, showing the grass.

My second post, with a close-up photo, has disappeared!  I saw it here... maybe the photo file size was too big, I'll shrink it.

So here it is again, with the plastic aquarium plant weeds hot-glued in here and there.

For grass I now use a flocking tool: 


Although I got by for a long time using a cappachino coco dusting container with a wire mesh and placing the small strands of grass material which is available for this flocker in the container and shaking it over dilue PVA on the baseboard.

This is similar technique:


I harvest the seeds from birch trees in the autumn from the catkins these look like small maple leaves and can be dyed to suit autumn or spring colours. Trees are made on armatures flocked with green carpet underlay which has been put through a blender, I use papier machet to cover the armatures and paint this when its dried with raw umber oil paint diluted is white spirit. I have also used real tree when I have found a suitable piece with the right texture and have used that as the trunk of the armature.

If you wander along hedgerows or gardens you can often find grass seed heads which can be dried and used for foliage small herbs like tarragon and thyme can be dried and used as plant material. Gypsophilia is good as a flower head and these can be dipped in dilute PVA and then flocked with different coloured flocks. Try not top use lichen as it just looks naff might be OK for seaweed but thats about it imho. below a pic with some of these techniques its not a Stop motion set by the way. Half the fun is discovering these things 

Wow! That is a beautiful image, Arcimboldi!
I use flocking for grass in very small scales, like 1:24, but for my larger scale sets it works better for moss.

Thanks Nick the scale there is 1:12 using the longest filament I can get which is about 1/2 inch.

I have remembered the name of the grass I mentioned in the previous post:

Zebra Grass


Loads of thin strands that can be cut up pinched together and then 'planted' with PVA as rushes and sedges (can be seen just poking out by the chair on the right).

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