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Anthony Leigh replied to Signe Österlund's discussion Advice on camera/lenses to buy would be appreciated!
"You could get a Canon 5Dii for that money. Full sensor, pretty powerful chip, lovely stuff, shoots nicely and hd footage too. "
3 hours ago
Leonardo Tomasi posted a video
7 hours ago
Simon Tytherleigh replied to John Ikuma's discussion Stop Motion Magazine Kick Starter for Print Issues!!!
"Go for it! Very happy to pledge a donation. "
23 hours ago
Simon Tytherleigh replied to Adam Dowling's discussion Lens Flicker, tried everything to solve it! Please Help.
"One further thought about standing out of the way of the lights... Dragonframe do a remote keypad with a long cable on it. This can help to get clear of everything before taking the frame."
23 hours ago


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Advice on camera/lenses to buy would be appreciated!

Started by Signe Österlund in CAMERA & STAGE. Last reply by Anthony Leigh 3 hours ago. 8 Replies

Hello!Realized I can't keep avoiding (boring) technical research any longer. I really want an equipment upgrade.. My prefered budget is something like $1200/€1100 including lenses. Been using a Nikon D80 for a few years, but would love to get a camera with live view. Not sure what camera to buy. After browsing this forum the general opinion seems to be a Canon (read a suggestion for a 600D, is that still one of the best choices?) Are fullframe cameras a bad idea?What lenses to buy (and at what price you get decent lenses) is the most confusing to me. Been using the provided 18-135 mm Nikkor lens all along. It's worked OK for my general needs; animating/morphing 1 central clay object/subject. I've discovered it does distort the image pretty bad for anything that moves sideways though..Started on a landscape animation recently and I'm having problems with depth of field unless I'm too zoomed out for my liking (my workaround to this problem so far has been cropping images heavily, but I want to have leeway to pan this animation..). My sets are usually small, something like 30x60 cm. Would a manual 24 or 28 mm lens be enough to get decent depth of field (spanning 30 cm) on the entire set (while my intended final crop covers maybe 50% of the entire photo)? (Borrowed a full frame Canon 6D to try using live view, and i seem to have problems getting enough depth of field @ 24 mm/f22 with the attached 24-70 mm lens.) Do I need an even shorter focal length? 20? 15?So yeah, I have little technical knowledge, I always work with trial and error.. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help!Continue

Stop Motion Magazine Kick Starter for Print Issues!!!

Started by John Ikuma in CHAT BOARD. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh 23 hours ago. 5 Replies

Hi eveyone,I just launched a Kick Starter to raise money to produce print issues and digital issues of Stop Motion Magazine. We really need your help with this to bring the magazine back to life and start making issues again. Checkout the Kick Starter at the link below. - John IkumaContinue

Tags: magazine

Lens Flicker, tried everything to solve it! Please Help.

Started by Adam Dowling in CAMERA & STAGE. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh 23 hours ago. 38 Replies

Hi everyone,  I have a really confusing problem. I have been doing stop motion for many years now, but only since last year have I tried to make it a profession, but one thing in stopping my work looking professional is the bad flickering in my films. I’ve tried everything. Im using a canon, so I decided to buy a high quality Nikon lens adapter, so I can mount the older style manual aperture lens. I then bought a older style manual Nikon lens, to override the the aperture, but I still have the exact same flickering! It really doesn’t make sense and I have tried nearly everything.  Also here is my setup:Using Dragon FrameUsing DedolightsUsing a canon E0S 600d, with very pricey Novoflex adapter E0S/ NIK NTUsing a Nikon manual aperture 55mm Macro lensWearing black clothingRoom with no other light coming through over than dedolights.Thanks a lot!Continue

Tags: Flickering, aperture, lens, Canon, Flicker

Stand Up style Cut out armatures

Started by Jasmine Best in ARMATURES. Last reply by Baptou test 23 hours ago. 2 Replies

Hello everyone,I wanted to start experimenting with stand up style cut out animation. An example would be the "I Have Your Heart" music video by Kim Boekinder, Molly Crabapple, and Jim Batt.I have found very little info on making armatures for this style of puppet. I did find this image of the back of the puppets on the official blog but that is it.Specifically, I am interested in making flat strong joints that can stay hidden behind thin cuts of paper.Does anyone have experience with this?Continue

Tags: standing, flat, joints, armatures, out

Green screen problems

Started by Lyndon Harvey Marshall in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by JustNat RSA yesterday. 4 Replies

Hello everyone.I've recently downloaded Stop Motion Studio Pro version 1.2. I can't find the green screen option anywhere. Can anyone here tell me if it even has a green screen option please?I can't seem to find an answer to this problem anywhere.  I downloaded the iPhone and the iPad version and both work great. I use the iPad with the iPhone as the wifi camera. very handy feature indeed. However, there is no option to use green screen through the wifi camera. You have to use the camera on the iPad. This is no good for what I want to do. I was hoping it would be a different story with the pro version on my computer.  Have I missed something?Does any one know of a good software package I could use instead for a mac?Continue

Tags: Pro, Version, 1.2, Studio, Motion

Stop Motion Pro?

Started by Crash Cunningham in STOP MOTION & COMPUTERS. Last reply by JustNat RSA yesterday. 3 Replies

Does anyone know anything about Stop Motion Pro? I can't seem to access the website.Continue

Soft Sculpture for Stop Motion Puppets

Started by Rayfriend_Brown in GENERAL PUPPET MAKING. Last reply by Alejandra Medina yesterday. 12 Replies

I've been experimenting with soft sculpture and thought I'd share the results so far! I'm working on a project making two puppets inspired by the animation 'Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind' which I talked about on here a while ago here.The technique is inspired by the work of Lisa Lichtenfels, who sculpts amazingly realistic figures by building up thin layers of wadding muscles to create 3D forms. I'm working on these guys for another 10 weeks at least, but here they are so far:The soft sculpting isn't finished yet, but starting to take shape. It has very much been an experimental process! The final stage will be covering them in flesh coloured nylon. Has anyone else tried this sort of thing before? FYI the armatures underneath are brass rod and aluminium wire, Nausicaa also has ball and socket joints in her wrists and neck.Daily updates on my Instagram: weekly post on my blog:

Nikon D3200 with Dragonframe, good idea or no?

Started by Dennis Heinzeroth in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Dennis Heinzeroth on Friday. 7 Replies

Hello everyone, my local box store has the D3200 on clearance. What I'm wondering is, is it adequate for stop mo filming with Dragonframe? Here is the DF page on the D3200: should I wait and save up for a beefier, more Dragonframe friendly camera?Thanks for any help!DennisContinue

Live Chat On Reminder

Started by Ron Cole in ANIMATOR TALK. Last reply by Ron Cole on Thursday. 287 Replies

Don't forget, on WEDNESDAYS (Thursdays on the first week of each month)  there's a new episode of LIVE CHAT hosted by Marc Spess on at 8pm Central time. Set you computer's alarm so ya don't forget! Here's a link to the live show page... Click Here!Continue

Variac transformer for fixing light flicker

Started by Chris A Boyer in CAMERA & STAGE. Last reply by Chris A Boyer on Wednesday. 2 Replies

I recently moved to a small apartment and seem to be getting annoying power fluctuation causing my lights to flicker. The worst part about this is I hadn't done any animation on my own projects and got some freelance work, so I didn't realize how problematic the fluctuation was till I was working on commissioned projects.I'm wearing all black long sleeves, sitting in mostly the same spot, using manual Nikkors on a Canon body with all manual settings which should cover flicker basics.If you watch this clip, at around 20 seconds a couple shots in a row have very noticeable flicker. I am pretty sure it's the voltage as I sometimes hear power tools being used outside and see the lights in the apartment flicker, it's an old building.I read the After Effects article in another thread and they recommend getting a variac transformer, the lights I am using are some 150W Mole Richardson Fresnels and a 1K Mole Fresnel. I looked up the amp requirements for 1K lights and it looks like they use about 8.3 amps, and the 150w lights use about 1.25 amps each, I read you should double the amps because things have amp spikes when turned on. So with this info I feel like with a variac transformer rated at 20 amps I could plug a 1k with one 150w lamp, and a 10 amp transformer could handle 4 150w lamps. Did I get this correct?Has anyone bought a Variac transformer for this use? I was looking at this on Amazon and it seems like it will fit the bill but obviously don't want to drop $400 on a couple transformers if it's not going to…Continue


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