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StopmoNick replied to Rayfriend_Brown's discussion Stop Motion Puppet Project: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
"Yes, I think that's going to be the one!  This one feels much more like a skeleton made to fit Nausicaa, not a generic skeleton.  I do get your point about having the bony landmarks near the surface, since you are building up with…"
3 hours ago
StopmoNick commented on Angus Lamont's photo

Formby head sculpt final

"Now you're getting it, I can definitely see who that is now!  "
3 hours ago
Rayfriend_Brown replied to Rayfriend_Brown's discussion Stop Motion Puppet Project: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
"Thanks for your advice Nick, I've given it a lot of thought and I think I'm going to make it again, simply because the changes I've made in the new armature design are so different. As you can see in the pictures, I've drawn out…"
7 hours ago
Angus Lamont posted photos
8 hours ago
gustavo arteaga commented on Andrew Carlson's video

Large Armature Walk Test

"Wow. That's a great armature. Cool proportions."
10 hours ago
Strider replied to Anne Koreman's discussion Uneven streets
"I should add - I only drew one wall with a strip along the side and one with a strip along the bottom - but really a wild wall would need both, so it can be firmly attached along the bottom and at least one edge.  Here are 2 more pictures th…"
Colleen McWatters posted a video

Theater of the Absurd TRAILER#2

Episode 1: The Right Nut for the Job Film projectionist, Ace, discovers that popcorn machines aren’t made, they’re caught. Theater usher, Finkle, tries hard ...
Strider replied to Anne Koreman's discussion Uneven streets
"Here are some pictures of a wild wall on my set. They might be a little confusing, so I posted 3 from different angles so you should be able to understand it if you study them a bit. You can clearly see the 2 clamps. There's a strip of…"
Strider replied to Anne Koreman's discussion Uneven streets
"I just did a quick and awful sketch showing a way to make wild walls (removable walls): Sorry - I don't usually draw with a tablet,and I never ever do technical drawing with straight lines. So this looks terrible. But I hope it gets the idea…"
ClaymationTrip replied to Ron Cole's discussion Canon Rebel T5 Adapter & Lens?
"Thank you very much guys!! All your comments were super useful!I already bought the power supply, the adapters and the EOS rear lens caps! I just need to wait for them, go to my parents place 8000km from here (I already planned this trip months ago)…"
Strider replied to Anne Koreman's discussion Uneven streets
"I wasn't entirely sure what Fixall was, so I did a little search, and fortunately the first thing I ran across is this multilingual page - apparently it's a worldwide product: Now to try to figure out which one…"
John Downey replied to Anne Koreman's discussion Uneven streets
"Elmers white glue is a popular PVA-based synthetic glue used in a lot of schools because it washes out of clothing (mostly washes out ;-). Joint compound is sold in hardware stores and is used to cover up the seams of dry wall (plaster wall board)…"
Anne Koreman replied to Anne Koreman's discussion Uneven streets
"This landscape dope sounds like a great option, I'm going to try and find out what the ingredients are called in Dutch and if I can buy them here. It would be really useful to have a sturdy set base, even though I'm working in 1:9 scale I…"
StopmoNick replied to Ron Cole's discussion Canon Rebel T5 Adapter & Lens?
"That should work.  I use a non genuine Canon AC adapter on my 7d, and it works, but I notice two things.  When I turn the camera on, I get a message to say the camera cannot communicate with this battery, do I want to use it anyway?…"
Strider replied to Ron Cole's discussion Canon Rebel T5 Adapter & Lens?
"That power supply should be just fine. Says it works with your camera, that's the only thing I know to check with power supplies. Aside from checking for no-name generic brands rather than the expensive ones made by the camera companies. But…"
ClaymationTrip replied to Ron Cole's discussion Canon Rebel T5 Adapter & Lens?
"Thanks guys for taking the time for helping me out! I really appreciated it! I just got my new T5i! I am going to order the adapters now. Could you recommend me a decent AC power for this camera? I was thinking something like this…"



Message Board

Stop Motion Puppet Project: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Started by Rayfriend_Brown in GENERAL PUPPET MAKING. Last reply by StopmoNick 3 hours ago. 14 Replies

Hi everyone!  I'd like to share with you a project I'm working on for my third year of university. I'm making stop motion puppets of Nausicaa and Kai from the japanese animation 'Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind'. Puppet fabrication for stop…Continue

Uneven streets

Started by Anne Koreman in STOP MOTION SETS. Last reply by Strider yesterday. 25 Replies

Hi there, I have this very specific problem with my medieval set, and was wondering if you guys had any ideas;I'm building quite a massive 1:9 scale medieval street, with cobblestones. I found a great way to create the stones using gluegun, but, I…Continue

Canon Rebel T5 Adapter & Lens?

Started by Ron Cole in CAMERA & STAGE. Last reply by ClaymationTrip yesterday. 39 Replies

I recently purchased a Canon Rebel T5 (not T5i) and I need to buy a Nikon lens and lens adapter for it. I thought that would be easy but I've been frustrated for days trying to figure out what to buy. All I want is a basic standard lens. (I was…Continue

Tags: Nikon, lens, adapter, T5, Rebel

A few basic questions about casting in platinum silicone

Started by Dylan Lee in NEWBIE CORNER. Last reply by Dylan Lee on Sunday. 2 Replies

Hello all,I'm just getting started with casting molds after experimenting with rubber latex for a little while. I still have a couple of things to pick up at the art supply store, but I plan in the coming days to experiment with casting a…Continue

Tags: rebound, paint, cast, silicone

Questions about a camera setup, and getting started in stop motion

Started by Porter in NEWBIE CORNER. Last reply by Porter on Sunday. 4 Replies

Hello,I just started researching stop motion animation about a week ago. I purchased a book called "The art of stop motion animation". I'm just barely researching and barely know anything about this medium yet. I want to begin practicing the medium.…Continue

Stop Motion's charm and its impact on CGI - Dissertation Idea, Would like opinions and advice from Stop-Motion fans!

Started by Cam Mitchell in ANIMATOR TALK. Last reply by Cam Mitchell on Sunday. 14 Replies

Hello everyone!I'm an animation student fom DJCAD art school in Scotland, I'm studying animation and am about to enter my 4th year... which means dissertation time!Being a big fan of stop-motion, I wanted to use it as the central theme of my…Continue

Tags: Motion, Stop


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