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Jiri Hanak posted a video

Melon cake Cooking Stop Motion

How to make a melon cake in stop motion animation. 스톱모션 요리 ストップモーション料理
Nu-Pix Studios posted a video

Captain America: Civil War II Trailer (Ironman Stop Motion)

Captain America and Iron Man meet up and some intense action is what follows in Civil War 2. My idea about what could happen in Civil War 2 when they do meet...
Jhonny Parks posted a blog post

My latest film "Wound Up"is now free to watch on amazon for prime members =)

           This is my first stopmotion film, and I am very pleased wth the results, It is being scrrened at the Brightside Tavern Film Festival in New Jersey, wish me luck !Click to watch "WOUND UPPlease let me know what you think =)Here's some pics of the stages being built early in production =)…See More
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Casting Van Aken Clay

Started by Michael in CASTING yesterday. 0 Replies

I've seen the process for making an Army of Gromits, and think it would be very useful for making my characters.  I would like to melt Van Aken Clay, and pour it into a silicone mold with an armature already in the mold.Can someone recommend a good silicone rubber that will last a long time that I can make the mold from.  It would be a two part mold.  I would most likely sculpt the original characters out of Monster Clay.  Since I do not have a way of degassing the silicone, it would have to just pour and cure type of situation.Continue

Wire armature breakage

Started by Konovision in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Strider on Saturday. 27 Replies

Hello everyone, I am a complete newbie/novice to the stop motion world and recently ran into what I would consider a problem, but others might just consider part of the process? I made a wire armature, then covered it with some magic sculpt on the parts that I did not want to bend. So basically just left the joints uncovered. It seemed to come out pretty nicely, and felt pretty good. So I bulked it up with some foil and tape then put on some plasticine. I was playing around with him a little bit, putting him in different poses and whatnot, but then one of his arms broke at the shoulder area even before I was able to start trying to animate. I was wondering what I did wrong. The way i made the armature? The wire I used? Is there a certain type of wire that stop motion artists use that is perhaps stronger than regular armature wire? One friend told me that instead of twisting the wire together, If i just put them together then wrap them with string or smaller wire, then it would be stronger. I would really love to make a ball and socket armature, but feel like it is a little too costly for me right now so I am wondering if there are any other stop motion people out there that can help me with any tips to make my wire armature stronger and last longer. I am attaching a few pics of the character I made to show you how I did it and what might need to be changed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg…Continue

About Puppet Putty

Started by Antonio J. Cebrián in CLAY. Last reply by Antonio J. Cebrián on Friday. 21 Replies

Hey, Don. I'm interested in trying your Puppet Putty clay. In the webshop there is a "translucent white", but I need "normal white". Do you have a "not translucent white?And another question: How much is shipping to Spain? How many blocks are the best for optimize shipping cost?Continue

Tags: clay, animacion, plastilina, putty, Puppet

Critique on a basic animation

Started by Porter in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Strider on Friday. 29 Replies

Hello,It's been a while since I've posted here. I made a post about a year ago on a basic stop motion setup. Well, I haven't been doing stop motion for about a year now, because I've been practicing drawing and doing other things. I hope I can consistently practice this year to see improvement a year from now.But! I'm back to do stop motion animation again, and I was wondering if some people could give me feedback on my animations? I've been starting off with the basics, so I'm not doing any advanced animations yet.Here is a bouncing ball animation that I made. I shot it on ones at first, then I put it on two's. (I just shot this a few hours ago if you are wondering)Thank you!PorterContinue

Question about aperture flicker on Canon DSLR

Started by Larry S. Evans II in CAMERA & STAGE. Last reply by Larry S. Evans II on Friday. 3 Replies

Hi:I'm returning to stop motion after a number of years in the digital world. My objective is primarily to do art pieces for my own enjoyment/exhibition, rather than commercial projects. That means that my budget is based on what I can take from the household money, so I'm trying to determine my options. I bought a Canon 70D a few months back with the AF-S kit lenses. My interest was basic photography and film projects, not necessarily stop motion work. However, since I've had it the option has come up, and so I'm exploring the necessary equipment and software. Having run tests with some demo software, I've become aware of the flicker which many people have mentioned. If I understand correctly, this is caused by the camera driving the iris down just before clicking the shutter, and that the iris is normally wide open during LiveView. As the crank-down is not exactly the same amount each time, this results in a noticeable shift in exposure when doing successive images. So, I understand the most correct fix is getting a manual aperture lens, along with a required adapter ring and shooting the old fashioned way. No problem, I shot film for years with manual systems, but there's the cost of the additional parts, plus the cost I'm already looking at in software, for what is essentially a "hobby" at present. So I had a couple questions for those more experienced before deciding to raid my change jar. First, is the aperture issue related to the use of the LiveView feed for the primary software systems? That is, does the iris sit open until the shutter button is pressed only when using LiveView or regardless of it. Second: Is there a reliable means that is safe for my equipment to disable auto aperture on the existing kit lenses I have?I have heard about someone putting electrical tape on the contacts, and I hit upon using a cheap macro-tube with no contacts. That said, I understand that there's no manual setting for the aperture on these lenses.I have seen some hacks…Continue

Stop Motion Pro Eclipse / Dragonframe ?

Started by madrobot in STOP MOTION & COMPUTERS. Last reply by Larry S. Evans II on Thursday. 3 Replies

Hi All. Probably sounds like a silly question, in the sense that a frame grabber's a frame grabber, but I am interested in what you people think based upon your experience with these software options. I'm running Windows 10. I'm interested (as part of my current research process) in what people think of one versus the other.In particular, the rig removal in stop motion pro sounds great, but also sounds a bit "beginnery" in the sense that I might be right in understanding that comping and painting out rigs will lower the image quality? Or is it ok and works fine? Or am I overthinking it? I'd like to set it up so that the stuff I shoot is fit for film festival entry and that sort of thing, not just uploading to Youtube. And if I can comp and clean up in stop motion pro, that would be great. But I am not averse to Dragonframe with an After Effects subscription for post work when I need it for comping etc. I just don't think I need BOTH Stop Motion Pro and Dragonframe, and they are about the same price.Also am I right in understanding that Dragonframe will talk to Arduino for motion control, and can shoot 3d, while Stop Motion Pro can't do either? (or only the former?)Thoughts, feedback, words of caution and recommendations very welcome.AdrianContinue

Please Introduce Yourself

Started by Anthony Scott in CHAT BOARD. Last reply by Larry S. Evans II on Thursday. 488 Replies

Use this space to tell everyone about yourself and your interest in stop motion animation.Continue

Pouring Liquid from a Bottle

Started by Aaron Martinez in MODEL DEPARTMENT. Last reply by Elizabeth WB on Thursday. 11 Replies

Hi all,I'm getting ready to start shooting some bar scenes and have several shots which will require pouring liquor from a bottle into a shot glass as well as a few others where the glasses will contain liquid.I have a few ideas on how to go about shooting it, but am interested in hearing ideas if anybody's got some.Thanks!Continue

Mother Mold

Started by Bobby in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Bobby Jul 20. 2 Replies

I want to make a stop motion puppet mold out of silicone instead of plaster. When the silicone mold is done, I want to make a mother mold using ultracal 30 or hydrocal. Is that possible?

Creative lighting for tight spaces?

Started by Leah Land in ANIMATION TOOLS & EQUIPMENT. Last reply by Leah Land Jul 19. 16 Replies

Hey all, was wondering if anyone has any experience or thoughts on setting up lights when you are shooting in a small room, but your set is pretty big.  I'm not sure if it's going to be possible for me to shoot in my studio because it's 10'x10' and my set is 8'x4'.  It's all outdoor desert-like scenery so pretty even lighting, well lit.  Has anyone attached lights to walls and ceiling?  What kind of semi professional lights would anyone recommend? I don't have much experience with lighting and this is my first serious effort with stop-motion animation.I would really hope to find a way to make it work because it's very costly to rent a larger art studio where I live in Austin, TX.  Also, if anyone lives in the area has any ideas where to find a larger space to shoot on the cheap or for free/barter?Thanks so much! :) Continue

Tags: lighting equipment, small spaces, lighting


STOPMO JAM rough cut

Here is the STOPMO JAM rough cut. Still waiting on the final music. Enter the password Spring16 to view.

5 Seconds of Funny

5 Seconds of Funny Animation Video Competition over at Brick Innovations.

Deadline July 31, 2016. Click the LINK for more info.


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