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Greyguy replied to bigbossross's discussion Getting consistent results Matting Silicone
16 hours ago
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Getting consistent results Matting Silicone

I am having trouble getting consistent results while applying matting powder to my recently painted platinum Silicone casts.   Sometimes they look evenly matted and nice, other times they have white streaky areas.    I've been painting a very thin layer (as thin as possible) of clear platsil gel-10 diluted down by half with naphtha.  Immediately after coating the cast, I take a fan brush and brush on the Fuse FX Matting powder. After 5 minutes or so I force-cure it with a heat gun and then…See More
17 hours ago
Doug Henderson replied to Frej Bengtsson & Stellan Rutstam's discussion Better ways to paint Platsil Gel 10 ?
"I forgot to report that silicone colored with acrylic doesn't stick well to the shellac and is probably the cause of most issues I've had randomly in the past. it is fine with a little oil paint, but works best with just untainted silicone…"
Simon Tytherleigh replied to Stanley Milton Strawn's discussion Frames being added in Final Cut 7
"Did you follow the setup instructions? http://"


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Getting consistent results Matting Silicone

Started by bigbossross in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Greyguy 16 hours ago. 1 Reply

I am having trouble getting consistent results while applying matting powder to my recently painted platinum Silicone casts.   Sometimes they look evenly matted and nice, other times they have white streaky areas.    I've been painting a very thin layer (as thin as possible) of clear platsil gel-10 diluted down by half with naphtha.  Immediately after coating the cast, I take a fan brush and brush on the Fuse FX Matting powder. After 5 minutes or so I force-cure it with a heat gun and then rinse off the powder about 12 hours later.My question is: What is the proper matting method? Am i not using enough clear coat? Should i wait a bit before brushing on the powder in order to avoid the white patches?Continue

Better ways to paint Platsil Gel 10 ?

Started by Frej Bengtsson & Stellan Rutstam in CASTING. Last reply by Doug Henderson yesterday. 24 Replies

Howdy y'all!I'm having some difficulties with painting Platsil Gel 10, I was recommended as a cheap solution to buy regular oil colors mixed with silicone. To thin it out I used a small bottle of chemical clean heptane/gasoline. But I'm not satisfied with the look,the substance is to sticky (see the picture)Any other ideas or ways to get a persistent paintjob done over platsil gel 10 silicone? would be greatly appreciatedContinue

Frames being added in Final Cut 7

Started by Stanley Milton Strawn in STOP MOTION & COMPUTERS. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh yesterday. 10 Replies

Hey, I have been animating in Dragon Stop motion and then making quicktime .mov files out of them for insertion into my Final Cut Pro7 edits...BUT, I noticed that every 4-5 frames a duplicate frame(of the last frame) is being, a stutter effect is happening. I have actually had to go in and cut out a frame every 4-5...Has anyone encountered this problem? I double checked my frame rate in dragon  (I'm going 24 FPS), and our live action was also shot 24P. So don't understand the situation and how to remedy. Thanks!Continue

Seeking Stop Motion Animators for opportunity with Viral Kids YouTube Channel

Started by brandon kaplan in JOBS & PROJECTS. Last reply by Evan DeRushie Jan 9. 1 Reply

Hello! I have an opportunity for the right animators.  I run a kids YouTube channel with a large following which you can see here: for animators who can do animation of this quality: contact me with your per minute rate and samples of your work to  I have A LOT of work for the right person.Continue

Tags: freelance, cartoon, job, stopmotion, youtube

Cant find stop motion software

Started by DimensionalAnimator in STOP MOTION & COMPUTERS. Last reply by Steve Walther Jan 7. 1 Reply

Hello friends,maybe can you help me with something? A have already purchased a reflex camera D3400 Nikon,but i cant find a software that can recognize it in real time into the line-editing life mode. Video Studio pro x9 doesnt work Dragon frame is so expensive Camtasia and sony vegas take an eternity moving the large group of pictures into the line-editing Magix seems like it recognize my camera but dont know how to use it....dont know if its capable to include the photos in real time with the FPS asigned to ALL photos Im in troubles,please help meContinue

Tags: editing, software, Camera

My DIY Dragonframe Rig.

Started by Biolapse in CAMERA & STAGE. Last reply by Susjjan Jan 5. 3 Replies

Hey Folks. First time posting on here, I thought some of you may be interested in seeing this. I have never done stop-motion animation (although I would love to try some stop motion soon), rather my interests lie in botanical time lapse photography. I used to run a small company building small motion control rigs but we decided to close shop due to time constraints and I had finally been able to turn my attention to time lapse.  I ended up filming the last year for a documentary which provided the funds to put together a proper studio rig. Its almost complete. I still need to wire up the focus motor and the 3D stereoscopic slider on the pan/tilt head, and a few minor things here and there, but the system is finally up and functioning at about 95%Here is a quick clip of it in action. Thank you!www.biolapse.comContinue

Crypto Documentary to Use Stop-Motion Cut-Scenes

Started by Santino Vitale in YOUR STOPMO FILM PROJECT. Last reply by Dennis Heinzeroth Jan 3. 6 Replies

Hello all,It's been a while since my last post here, but I've been hard at work on lots of new things.To the point, I got an opportunity to supply some VFX for a new documentary titled "Flatwoods Monster: A Legacy of Fear."  The director wanted to do the whole film with a very old-school vibe and enlisted my help to create some "Earth VS the Flying Saucers" type clips.The saucers were built from plastic plates, plumbing supplies, and a doorstop (along with rice lights and silver paint). The houses are 9in high on a 4X4 foot foam and clay set, with juniper for trees.In total, I shot 7 clips for the film. All miniature work and extensive compositing. If you like (and, do not feel obligated to in anyway) the Kickstarter for this, and two others in the series, will go live on January 25th.  If successfully funded, the film will be released this April on Amazon Prime. Thanks.Continue

Tags: UFO, Harryhausen, Old School Effects

Advice for promoting my stop motion film?

Started by Christian Madsen in YOUR STOPMO FILM PROJECT. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh Dec 30, 2017. 6 Replies

Hi! Has anyone here crowdfunded their stop motion film? If so, what did you do to spread the word? I'm really struggling to bring attention to my project. The few people I've been able to bring to the page have been engaged with the content, so that's good, but getting them there is the problem.Here is the project page.Any advice is massively appreciated.Continue

Tags: indie, project, funding, motion, stop

Armature scale and articulated fingers

Started by Mark Upson in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh Dec 29, 2017. 16 Replies

Hi everyone,I'm starting my first project and I am having a difficult time deciding on scale. A priority for me is to have my main character possess realistic, articulated fingers and hands (a lot of close-ups handling objects). Given this direction, I don't think I can manage building a hand smaller than 1/6 scale, and more likely closer to 1/4 scale. Most of the commercial armatures have wire fingers which is fine, but I am wondering what material would hold up as a covering over the wires and still manage to look realistic? If I went with a 3D modeled plastic articulating hand (less realistic, but possibly more functional) does anybody know of a manufacturer of 1/6-1/4 scale hands? Or is this something I will need to build? Once I am settled on a scale for my character, I feel everything else, set building wise will fall into place. Still A LOT of hard work, but at least the size of objects will remain constant.Thanks for any advice!Continue

Animator´s Calendar 2018!

Started by Karolina Cizkova in ANIMATION TOOLS & EQUIPMENT Dec 28, 2017. 0 Replies

Hi animators!I have already finished the first calendar for animator´s - Animator´s Calendar 2018! It was created by - website about making animation. Twelve animators from different countries participated in this international project. Each artist presents his animation art in one of the twelve months. Inside the calendar you will find all the dates of the animation festivals, deadlines for submit the animation movie and the birthdays of the famous animators. It´s in Czech or in English version. :)If you want to support us and if you like this idea, you can buy the calendar here: PRICE: 350 CZK (13 euro)SPECIAL PRICE FOR STUDENTS: 300 CZK (11 euro) add special code "student15"Shipping price to USA, UK: 300 CZK (11 euro)FB site:

Tags: 2018, calendar, animator´s


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