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Simon Tytherleigh replied to Andrew AJ's discussion Motion control slider or rig.
"Yes, the 14:1 is slow, and the 27:1 even slower. You set the jog speed, which is the speed it moves when you are setting up the shot and moving the moco rig to the correct position, in the DF ArcMoco dialog box. If you set it at 1 step per second,…"
15 hours ago
Simon Tytherleigh replied to Andrew AJ's discussion Motion control slider or rig.
"Yes, the Igus slider is the best of that type of slider, and I think the bearings can be adjusted so they have not much movement. If you search in eBay for "ball bearing camera slider" you will find some and they are likely to be better…"
16 hours ago
Simon Tytherleigh replied to Andrew AJ's discussion Motion control slider or rig.
"There is one point to watch. The 4988 drivers are only good up to about 2A for each motor. So if they are rated much higher, the better 8825 drivers should be used. They are a bit more expensive, but my rough calculation is that this basic…"
17 hours ago
Simon Tytherleigh replied to Andrew AJ's discussion Motion control slider or rig.
17 hours ago


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Motion control slider or rig.

Started by Andrew AJ in ANIMATION TOOLS & EQUIPMENT. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh 15 hours ago. 17 Replies

Hello guys.I know this was discussed probably few times, but I still can't figure it out. Cuz I am not a very tech guy. I need stepper motor slider or even stepper 3axis slider with a head, that I can purchase and connect right away to Dragonframe, without Arduino programing, modifications etc. Like Ditogear has. But not Ditogear)))) What option do you know or even tried? UNPACK, connect CABLES, run DRAGONFRAME and it works))) I found this one DIGISLIDER  It says its compatible with Dragonframe.  EMOTIMO I don't know why, but I can't load to the online store and I am not sure, do they have a 2meter stepper motor slider? What you can advice?Thank you guysContinue

Hair for silicone puppet

Started by Natalie Grammer in HAIR & COSTUME. Last reply by David Braga 19 hours ago. 7 Replies

Greetings all,I was active on here about 4 months ago and you guys were so helpful, thank you for that. Would anyone give me some advice on puppet hair? I am casting my first silicone puppet and am interested in punching the hair in. I keep hearing Laika doing this thing called brushing in silicone in the hair to give it movement when animated. Ya'll know anything about this? I'm trying to find info on this but seem to be searching the wrong thing.Continue

Stop Motion dslr

Started by Alex in CAMERA & STAGE. Last reply by Evan DeRushie on Thursday. 10 Replies

Hi guys, I am a complete newbie to stop motion however my partner has been doing it for years but she has never been able to afford her own dslr (she has always borrowed one from uni). So for Christmas this year I wanted to buy her one but I have absolutely no idea what kind of dslr is good for stop motion. She uses the program stop motion pro so I want to get a camera that is compatible with that program. From the research I've done apparently Canon is better than Nikon and I've been looking at the Canon EOS 1300D but I also heard the "Rebel" line isn't all that good for stop motion, so should I not buy a new 1300D but instead maybe a second hand Canon that will do a better job ? ( I heard the 50D is apparently very good) My budget is about $800 Australian dollars. Any help would be really appreciated. Continue

US Sources for 1018 Flat Bars?

Started by Jonathan Hartman in ARMATURES. Last reply by Samer Khaleel on Thursday. 4 Replies

Hi, everyone!For my last B&S armature, I used brass, which worked fine, but I'd like to try working with steel on the next one.I'd really like to start making smaller joints, generally, but I'm having a heck of a time trying to find a supplier for small flat bars of 1018.  1/8" x 1/4" seems to be the thinnest I can find (which would be fine for a ton of applications, but I'm looking to go smaller).  Would it even be a sensible material to use at a smaller size?  Is there something else I should be using?I have a mediocre drill press and no milling machine, if that's helpful context.Anyone know of any good resources about making small joints?Thanks!-JonEDIT:  Haha.  I just realized that I asked a similar question (with less specificity) almost exactly four years ago without remembering, but I'm still interested in the steel.Continue

Tags: armatures, steel

Epoxy breaks

Started by DimensionalAnimator in ARMATURES. Last reply by DimensionalAnimator on Wednesday. 8 Replies

Hello ,well...i have a problem...,probably you can help me with itI used epoxy to hold the nut into the wire but it does not support the great strength of the joint and it brokeDid you know another material ? (I've seen metal plates but that's very expensive and difficult for me)Thanks for reading meContinue

Tags: Feet

EVA foam helmets

Started by Simon Tytherleigh in HAIR & COSTUME. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh on Tuesday. 3 Replies

I thought I would add a couple of pics on here to show some helmets I have made from 2mm EVA foam. They are glued together with contact adhesive, then coated with thinned PVA to fill the texture and finally coloured with acrylics. Rivets are just latex blobs. It has worked really well and the helmets are very lightweight. The trick is to cut the pieces from paper first, then transfer the shape to the foam.Continue

Animation rehearsal "pop-through"

Started by Evan DeRushie in ANIMATOR TALK. Last reply by Adam Taylor on Monday. 8 Replies

Earlier this year I released my second short film "Birdlime" (trailer here), which has been playing in festivals all year but hasn't been released in full online. It recently won an audience choice award at CRAFT animation festival in Yogykarta, Indonesia, and I've taken the opportunity to share some of the process in animating the film. Since I've spent many hours on the SMA board over the years scouring for crumbs of information on how the hell stop-motion works, I wanted to share a bit of animation technique that I've picked up.So for every shot in the film, after framing up and lighting the scene, I would shoot a "pop-through". It's a low frame rate (mostly 4fps) rehearsal for the action in the scene to work out timing and blocking. Basically a first stab at the scene that no one will ever see, where you can make mistakes and clean up any problems before you get into the real shot. I can honestly say that animating a pop-thru before the shot is often faster than jumping straight into animation. It sounds crazy, but by figuring out all the details beforehand, there's so much less guesswork when animating, and the animation process is actually more fun (!) and less intimidating.One more quick detail: when making a pop-thru, I use the "hold frame" function in Dragonframe. This allows you to shoot only one frame, and "hold" it for a number of frames in the x-sheet. That way you can step through your frames quickly, adjust the timing of each hold as you go, or even re-arrange frames. I'll usually spend a while at the end just going through and adjusting hold frames; playing with length of pauses, and speeding up/slowing down action to see what works.Continue

Please Introduce Yourself

Started by Anthony Scott in CHAT BOARD. Last reply by Luis López Tejeda Nov 17. 518 Replies

Use this space to tell everyone about yourself and your interest in stop motion animation.Continue

Stopmotion exercises?

Started by DoubleG in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh Nov 17. 1 Reply

Hi all,since I am looking at ways to improve myself and have fun while doing it I searched for some good stop-motion exercises. I found a few great ones: exercises apply to cell animation and 3D animation and some also to stop-motion. But I was wondering if there are also lists, more specific to stop-motion? Or some exercises specific for stop-motion as an addition to the lists above?CheersDoubleGContinue

Ray Harryhausen - Master of the Majicks / Pre-Orders ending soon

Started by Ernest Farino in STOP MOTION BOOKS. Last reply by Angus Lamont Nov 10. 4 Replies

I’m in the home stretch on the limited edition Ray Harryhausen - Master of the Majicks reprint box set and expect to hand off to the printer very soon. I wanted to post a courtesy notice to anyone still interested in placing an order. Pre-sales have been strong, and I expect that the projected limited edition print run of 500 copies will be Sold Out soon.I posted this notice a short while ago (in case some of you have seen it elsewhere), but I’ve tried to keep the ordering open as long as possible. But I’m going to have to close it down shortly.I’ve added a new Update page on the website-- click on this link and scroll down the page to browse a gallery of sample layouts from the new editions (which can be enlarged into a slide show): PreviewThe main page describing the books in detail (including links to slides shows, layout galleries, reviews and customer comments, and our trailers for Vol. 1 and Vol. 3) can be found at: Majicks DescriptionsThis project turned out to be an enormous undertaking, much moreso than I first thought, and even as I write this new material is coming in at “the 11th hour” (have a look at the new preview page for more details). I’m striving to include everything, as much as possible (and still make it all look good).In just the past few months or so The Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation has extended new cooperation, and some terrific -and exclusive- material has come from them.The process is not open-ended, though, and I will be wrapping up this endeavor very soon. So… just a quick “heads up” here.Continue

Tags: Hankin, Caroline Munro, Farino, Majicks, Ray Harryhausen


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