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Blackshore commented on Blackshore's video

Bird smear test

"No I did not make the plate clamps myself. I asked a friend to create a couple several years ago. I don't have a machine workshop. "
1 hour ago
Serge Taganski commented on Blackshore's video

Bird smear test

"i mean you made it by your self? and if so, you dont know what actually metal u use for it?"
2 hours ago
Blackshore commented on Blackshore's video

Bird smear test

"Thanks! You mean the socket plates? If so I'm no material expert, perhaps it's some form of copper mix? It might be softer than the rods and that might be the reasion why it clamps?Not sure really."
4 hours ago
Simon Tytherleigh replied to Joe's discussion Lighting for green screen
"Not light reflected off the screen, but spill coming directly from the lights. Black wrap is very convenient as it can be wrapped round the light, and used many times. A flag is also good.  To avoid light reflected from the screen from adding a…"
7 hours ago


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Lighting for green screen

Started by Joe in GENERAL SPECIAL EFFECTS. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh 7 hours ago. 8 Replies

Hi allDoes anyone have any advice on lighting a green screen set up for puppet animation. On line there are plenty of tutorials etc about doing the actual compositing in after effects etc but I'm struggling to find good information on actually lighting and shouting on green screen.I'll be able to get my puppets about 1 meter from the screen - maybe a little more, so that should be enough that the puppets don't cast a shadow on the screen. In order to light the screen evenly, I'm thinking of ordering something like this: case the link doesn't work, this is a set of lights that take 4 CFL bulbs, and comes with 70 cm soft boxes)Does anyone have any experience with lighting green screens? Are lights like these a suitable choice or would anyone recommend anything different?ThanksContinue

Tags: puppets, compositing, lights, lighting, green screen

Stop Motion Animator & Editor Looking for Work or Freelance Jobs

Started by Wilson Diebold in JOBS & PROJECTS 19 hours ago. 0 Replies

Hi Everyone,I have a wide range of experience and proficiency when it comes to media production. Stop motion, video production, voice acting, audio engineering, photography, editing, you name it! I'm based in Denver Colorado right now, and am interning as a stop motion animator at The Nug Nation. However, I'm still looking for work, and especially remote work (remote animation or post production). Stop motion animation is my passion, and I'd love to work with you!Click here for my animation highlight reel.And click here to see the latest project I was involved in.Last but not least, feel free to check my resume attached below.I would love to speak with you regarding why I would be a great fit to work with you. Please feel free to contact me at 317-418-2408 or I look forward to hearing from you!-WilsonContinue

Tags: hire, for, work, jobs, freelance

Lighting feedback

Started by Twin Tales in CAMERA & STAGE. Last reply by Daniel Wernëck 22 hours ago. 7 Replies

Hey! Was practicing some lighting and would appreciate if someone would like to give some feedback on this shot.The focus was mostly to get the lighting correct and good looking.It's meant to be a seedy bar environment during the night but inside the bar the lights would be a bit dimmed but turned on to give the room some overall lighting, we did not want it to be to dark. We tried to create some depth with the door to the left of the character.And we also tried to make 4 layers of dark, bright, dark and bright. With the red side of the face being in shadow, the blue side being bright, the wall being dark and then the doorway being bright and with the returning red color.  So what do you think of the overall lighting, colors and so on?Thanks.Continue

My new lens to stop flicker - a work in progress

Started by Steve Copeland in YOUR STOPMO FILM PROJECT. Last reply by Daniel Wernëck 22 hours ago. 1 Reply

I have a Canon EOS Rebel T1i and I made my first stop motion by gently releasing the lens while hitting the preview button and that removed the flicker from my stop motion shots. It did play havoc with my screen capture software Video Studio. Sometimes the preview would be too dark and other times it would be too bright. I was also always concerned that the lens would fall off. The lens was a Canon 18-55 that came with the kit so there was also concern of accidentally changing the focal length. I said I would not shoot my next project this way.I decided I would order an older manual Canon lens and an adapter. The lens I got is a Canon 50mm f1.8 FD lens from ebay for $29. The lens looks brand new. The adapter I got is a Fotodiox for $35 from AmazonFotodiox Pro Lens Mount Adapter - Canon FD & FL 35mm SLR lens to Canon EOS (EF, EF-S) Mount SLR Camera Body, with Built-In Aperture Control DialFirst testing was would the two items fit and the answer is yes! Next tests were to try and get similar shots from an automatic lens. I came close but the manual shots do not have a very rich color palette. I think that is just the learning curve that I need to overcome by more tests. The adapter has an aperture control dial on it and then the lens has a dial also. I am still learning how to make these work in sync.Next test will be a time lapse set up to check for flicker.Continue

Tags: fotodiox, flicker, Canon

The second Dogger & Catter project!

Started by Bram Vrancken in YOUR STOPMO FILM PROJECT. Last reply by Daniel Wernëck 22 hours ago. 8 Replies

Hello everyone,I would like to show you the progress on the second Dogger & Catter animation, or rather the puppets and studio and such because i'm not that far into it yet but it's getting there. The old puppets (iron wire skeleton, wool felted on and shaven smooth, roll of tape as base) in the fresh studio which was an empty room with 2 closets a month ago. i'm doing the project during my internship at a company my school has set up to let students work on their own projects (but there's always some students ready to help when needed). And, as you can see, I'm blessed with professional armatures this time!The room i'm using got a green wall since i started working here, and a computer for shooting (and music ofcourse). I also have a fairly large table to work on the puppets and props and such.The stage was made from wooden planks and an aluminium sheet. The only problem being the diameter of the holes in that sheet of alu. so i drilled and drilled until i gave up because it was too time consuming and decided i would drill holes during the shoot when i know where his foot will land (fingers crossed!)And lastly some photos of the unfinished puppets. I'm very happy how the felted…Continue

Tags: Catter, &, Dogger

Best Editing Software

Started by Gavin A in STOP MOTION & COMPUTERS. Last reply by Daniel Wernëck 22 hours ago. 6 Replies

I facilitate a small informal animation group where we're all pretty much learning as we go along.  We have been capturing images using the software that goes with a Canon camera we have use of and have now finished both filming and audio recording and are looking for easy to use software for editing it all together.  We have the possibility of funds for this purpose so my question is therefore in two parts, the first being if money is available (without being extortionate), what is the best editing software we could get, bearing in mind that we are hoping that our animation group will be a long running project and that we would be looking for something that will stand the test of time.  I had Dragonframe in my head but it appears that that is more for image capture.  We would probably be looking at investing in image capture software some time in the future so software that did both would be great if it was available.  The second question would be in case we're not lucky with funding, what is the best free editing software for our purpose?  We've been using Audacity for capturing audio.Also, we use Windows.Many thanks.Gavin.Continue

Puppet Museum in Prague

Started by Daniel Wernëck in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Daniel Wernëck yesterday. 2 Replies

Just wondering if anyone here ever visited this museum?

Starting out - short film or stick to animation tests

Started by Angus Lamont in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Daniel Wernëck yesterday. 15 Replies

I have been interested in stop motion since a very young age and have been experimenting at home with Dragonframe. I am now 21 and after studying model making for 3 years at college, I want to follow a path which will hopefully lead to a career in stop motion animation. I have already applied to two animation courses in the past two years, both of which I didn't get into unfortunately. I think what is key to getting a job is a good showreel, however I don't know if I should just focus on animation tests or embark on a short film project. I have actually had many ideas for short films (most of which I have actually posted on here), but I get demotivated really easily as it is a huge undertaking for one animator. My ideas seem to be very elaborate with more than one set (which of course has to be constructed) and I find myself having a huge list of things to tick off. Does anyone else find starting out a bit daunting and also is there anyone on the same boat as me that has any tips for what steps to take? I would appreciate any advice from the pro's too, any advice at all!Thanks Continue

Tags: application, showreel, job, work, out

FPS Conversion NTSC

Started by Eric Scott in STOP MOTION & COMPUTERS. Last reply by Daniel Wernëck yesterday. 6 Replies

Hi! So I have a project where I want to combine live action video with animation. My source video footage is 30fps (29.97 NTSC). I want to insert my own animation (24fps) into the clip. Should I convert the 30fps to 24fps, insert animation and render back out to 30fps for final output? Or should I animate at 30fps instead of 24fps to match the source video? I expect there to be some drawbacks to converting 24fps animation to 30fps . . .Additionally, animating at 30fps sounds rather challenging and I don't want to increase the level of difficulty. I did a test and converted the 30fps live action video to 24fps and found no problems with it except when there was a pan from left to right for instance.Thoughts anyone?  I have a fur bikini clad woman who is waiting to be chased by a dinosaur . . . Continue


Started by mason King in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Daniel Wernëck yesterday. 4 Replies

I am 11 years old but I really love stop motion animation and I have a small section of my garagefor my small animation projects.  But I have a problem, I don't know where to start.  Should I start by making my animation smooth and less choppy?  And at that, what FPS should I start with?  I can make an epoxy putty armature puppet, should I use it first?  Questions, questions, questions.I am sure all you pros can help  Thanks:^)   Continue

Tags: NEWB, HELP!!!!!!!!!


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