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How to make a Stop-Motion Film - My Animated Life: The Musical

This is my new series! How to make a Stop-Motion Film. Starring my mini me in My Animated Life: The Musical. I talk about how I’m actually going to make this...
12 hours ago
StopmoNick replied to Tatu P's discussion Shoes and cloths
"Those shoes are impressive!  I get acceptable results by sculpting shoes in plasticine and slush casting with liquid latex, but those are a whole other level. "
15 hours ago
Ian Harding commented on Christophe Sola's photo


"Hi, christophe, this looks great and intriging :)"
Derrick replied to Derrick's discussion Simulating the stopmo look and feel
"I appreciate the replies everyone and will follow up with some more thoughts soon! I just wanted to highlight this question and say that while I think there could be interesting discussions about CG vs traditional (I'm biased towards preferring…"
Simon Tytherleigh replied to Tatu P's discussion Shoes and cloths
"Nice work!"
Simon Tytherleigh replied to Derrick's discussion Simulating the stopmo look and feel
"Hmm... Let's just suppose you can reproduce all the things that make the handmade look in CG animation. Would that make everyone doing stopmotion redundant? As the elements that make stopmo so attractive are mostly to do with unevenness,…"
Simon Tytherleigh replied to Darius Stuart's discussion best editing software for macbook pro
"Adobe works well on my Macbook Pro, but these days there seems to be more and more open source software. Best of luck!"
Darius Stuart replied to Darius Stuart's discussion best editing software for macbook pro
"Thanks Simon, it appears that there isn't a 'one software fits all' kind of solution for this and it may take more research to find the best fit."


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Shoes and cloths

Started by Tatu P in HAIR & COSTUME. Last reply by StopmoNick 15 hours ago. 2 Replies

I just found this great artist in Instagram.Great detailled clots and props by Tatiana Bugai @ is sharing good how to make videos too:

Tags: gloves, shoes

Simulating the stopmo look and feel

Started by Derrick in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Derrick yesterday. 5 Replies

Hi everyone,I'm directing a side project in which there is a sequence where I am hoping to simulate the look and feel of a stopmo film. I truly hope this won't be contentious here, and I promise I am not looking to cut corners or do any amount of disservice to the craft of stopmo filmmaking by not using physical puppets.In order to achieve this, I am attempting to list some guiding "principles" to aid my animator(s) in achieving this. I am not an animator by trade myself, so I am looking to you all to guide me!So... here's where I'm at. I had a chat with a friend, a 3d animator, and asked him how he would go about simulating this look. His answer was simple: to animate on 2's, or even 3's, and simply flatten the curves between frames. If you google search you'll see that digital animation forums have been parroting this basic advice for years.With all due respect, I don't believe this goes nearly far enough to capture the look and feel of a stopmo film, and I am positing that beyond just the technical aspects and framerate, there are artistic hallmarks of stopmo films that are critical and intrinsic to the style. Here are some of them as I see them:Jitter / noise / "human error" I notice that even in the high budget full length stopmo films, there is plenty of human error in joint movement between frames. Because these are puppets being posed by hand, there is no perfect interpolation between bone positions. Also, you might get a sense that a wrist had to "wiggle" a tiny amount as that was perhaps what the animator held onto while moving the fingers, for example. It is this kind of micro-imperfection that I believe is what tells the brain that these are real, inanimate things being brought to life one frame at a time, even at 24fps.Economical posing and weight transfer Something else I notice in stopmo films is that in order to save time animating, not every body part of a puppet will move depending on the action. For example legs/pelvis may stay mostly or entirely…Continue

best editing software for macbook pro

Started by Darius Stuart in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh yesterday. 3 Replies

Just looking for some input on editing software. I'm working on a macbook pro with Dragonframe. I've had Final Cut Pro in the past but if there's something that handles stop motion better then I don't mind trying something new. ThanksContinue

Tags: software

Dragonframe 4 Green Screen Issue Resolved

Started by Ron Cole in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Ron Cole on Wednesday. 14 Replies

I recently began working on a project that required green screening a puppet, using my new Mac computer and my newly acquired issue of Dragonframe 4. I ran into trouble trying to get the color I wanted to key out.I got direct help from one of the guys at Dragonframe to show me how to do it and I was enormously grateful for the live assistance. He hooked into my computer and set the key settings for me and all was good. But on the very next shot, I encountered the same problem. Knowing it was something I was doing wrong and that the software would in fact do it, l pressed on trying to figure out what the problem could possibly be...SPEED, that's the issue. For some reason, the eyedropper tool requires you to pick the color you want to extract from the shot very rapidly. I got it to work after recalling what I saw the guy  from Dragonframe (Dyami) doing on my screen when we linked out two computers together. I did all the same step he did but he did them much faster than I did. So I tried doing it very quickly... and it finally worked!So if you're out there ripping your hair out with the same problem, the solution is this - tap the eyedropper tool and then quickly tap on the color in the scene you want to remove immediately. Don't wait a heartbeat or Dragonframe will forget what you're trying to do.Continue

Tags: green-screen, keying, Dragonframe

Does Anyone Know Tom Baker The Model Maker (not the actor)?

Started by Wallace Jones in GENERAL PUPPET MAKING. Last reply by Ken Langley Jan 15. 6 Replies

While this post does have some merit in regards to puppet making, this is more of a historical post regarding stop-motion puppets. Back in the early 1980's, a fellow by the name of Tom Baker advertised his stop-motion models for sale in the back of Cinemagic (and or Starlog) magazine. As a budding stop-motion animator, I quickly sent for his catalog and subsequently ordered one of his creations, a stop-motion martian puppet based on the original War of the Worlds film. Impressed with the quality, I made a 8mm short with it. Later, I tried to order one of his Kong models. Instead of receiving Kong, I received my money back along with a letter explaining how the business became too much for him, so he was shutting down. I have attached a few pages from his old catalog. I was curious if anyone on here had ever heard of Tom or bought any of his models. He was operating out of Charlotte, NC at the time. Hopefully Tom himself will respond and offer to sell me that long lost Kong.Continue

Tags: Baker, Tom

Better ways to paint Platsil Gel 10 ?

Started by Frej Bengtsson & Stellan Rutstam in CASTING. Last reply by Ron Cole Jan 15. 26 Replies

Howdy y'all!I'm having some difficulties with painting Platsil Gel 10, I was recommended as a cheap solution to buy regular oil colors mixed with silicone. To thin it out I used a small bottle of chemical clean heptane/gasoline. But I'm not satisfied with the look,the substance is to sticky (see the picture)Any other ideas or ways to get a persistent paintjob done over platsil gel 10 silicone? would be greatly appreciatedContinue

Bearings for moco camera head

Started by Tatu P in ANIMATION TOOLS & EQUIPMENT. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh Jan 15. 14 Replies

Hello wise board of SMA! I am planing to make simple moco unit with Arduino system. I got great help from previous post about the subject and from Simon Tytherleighs comments.Things have developped plesant ways since last time I looked to this subject. Seems that it is possible to do system with ~400€! One thing what puzzles me is bearings of pan and tilt head. I am planning to make U shaped one. Have you used some axial ball bearing for Pan? Maybe something like this: do you have it without any bearings, just wax or something?How about Tilt?Thank you,-TatuContinue

Pictures too bright

Started by Kerobyx in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by StopmoNick Jan 11. 10 Replies

I've been reading and reading about my problem and not finding a solution... Can someone please explain this to me? I'm sorry for the bad picture... How should my settings be? I usually shoot with 2 second exposer, but now when I turn it to even 1 second it makes my shot completely white like the first picture.. I don't understand how I should be setting the white balance either. Hope someone can help...Continue


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