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Simon Tytherleigh commented on Steven Topham's video

How to Get Rid of Flicker in Stop Motion Animation

"Great tutorial. A couple of queries. You dismissed variacs, but allowing for their essentially manual operation, they are a way of getting a steady voltage. Or am I missing something? And you also don't like tungsten lights. I have 4…"
1 hour ago
Simon Tytherleigh replied to Tim Ryan's discussion Attaching separite pieces to complex silicone model...
"Wow! It's huge and fairly disgusting (which is a compliment!) I didn't realise it was on that scale. Looks really excellent. I used to do a lot of prosthetics for Television (Casualty in particular) back in the days when we used gelatine.…"
2 hours ago
StopmoNick commented on Steven Topham's video

How to Get Rid of Flicker in Stop Motion Animation

"About time someone put all this together!  Very well organised with that table of contents at the start, which makes this video especially helpful.  You've really covered a lot here.  Maybe we can just refer people to this video…"
9 hours ago
Ethan Bartholomae replied to Tony Clavelli's discussion Denver stop-motion commerical studio, help tracking it down
"Full disclosure I'm not in Denver nor do I know of Fish, but I do know one animation studio in the Denver area that also does some stop motion work called Worker Studio LLC. that helps a little!"
13 hours ago


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Attaching separite pieces to complex silicone model...

Started by Tim Ryan in CASTING. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh 2 hours ago. 24 Replies

Hi everyone!I have created a  silicone model (see attached pic) but it is in separite pieces and I was wondering if I could get some advice on the best way to attach them. The model is made from Platsil Gel 25.I have bought clear RTV silicone  to attach the piece to the main trunk at its point of contact but am unsure how to get a smooth silicone transition that conceals the - at present - very visible seam. I have been told I can paste silicone over it with more appropriately coloured platsil gel 25, thickened with tinthix. Does this sound feasible? Im worried there might be a transparency that leaves the join visible through the silicone. I am also worried that the new layer wont be smooth.On a seperate note - I also have slight colour differation between the pieces. I am planning on painting the model with silicone pigments - is this correctable during this process or will I have to recast?Any info on both these questions greatly appreciatedTimContinue

Denver stop-motion commerical studio, help tracking it down

Started by Tony Clavelli in PRO ANIMATOR DISCUSSION. Last reply by Ethan Bartholomae 13 hours ago. 1 Reply

Hi Everyone,I recently relocated to Denver, CO, and have been looking for animation work. I was in Reynold's Advanced Materials and talking with the clerk and he told me he knew of a studio that did stop-motion work. Great! But then he couldn't remember the names of those involved, said it was a guy named "Fish."Needless to say this was not too helpful. I have exhausted my googling resources, and now I was wondering if anyone knew about this studio that does commercial work in Denver. Any thoughts on how to track down this elusive company?Thank you for your help,Tony ClavelliReel:

Please Introduce Yourself

Started by Anthony Scott in CHAT BOARD. Last reply by Darius Stuart yesterday. 503 Replies

Use this space to tell everyone about yourself and your interest in stop motion animation.Continue

Hanging stuff

Started by James Dolan in ANIMATION TOOLS & EQUIPMENT. Last reply by StopmoNick yesterday. 6 Replies

I'm looking for a metal grid or something to hang some heavy things on...The best thing I've found so far is heavy duty cooling racks; What would be a good thing to use?Continue

Which tool to create movie animation Goanimate or Makewebvideo

Started by John Ready in ANIMATOR TALK. Last reply by StopmoNick on Thursday. 1 Reply

Hello, I am new in the world of animation, basically I am a graphic designer working at leading explainer video company and really interested to create custom animated videos and also motion pictures, I have used some other free tools, but found these tools now want to which one is best to create short animation videos.Continue

Tags: explainer, animation, video

Dollie and crane rig with 5 degrees of freedom

Started by Iulian Demetrescu in CAMERA & STAGE. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh on Wednesday. 12 Replies

After more than 3 years of planning, thinking, reading and experimenting stopmo, i decided it is time to start the big project. I have an idea of a short video and in the time passed i refined it untill now when i know exactly what i want to show, how i want it to be filmed, what equipment i need,etc. Part of the project, there is this dollie/crane assembly that is required to move the camera around the stage smoothly and swiftly. The particularity of the crane is that it is built with readily available materials from hardware store that are 3D printed. From my calculations, the crane will be able to support a camera up to 5 Kg along with the required automation like follow-focus.For the music video i am planning to film, the camera jib and several other MOCO systems will be controlled by a computer. The same computer will also control DF remotely. The reason for this setup is because i need to plan the shots and see them in real time and make the required changes to camera path and props before the actual shot is made since there is a lot of automated motion on the set.Regards,JDContinue


Started by Randy Boyum in YOUR STOPMO FILM PROJECT. Last reply by Randy Boyum on Wednesday. 2 Replies

Hi everyone -A couple months ago I finished the third of my series of goofy ads for Aussie House Swap, and it's finally been released.  This one is called "Pressure".  Have a look.  I'd love some more constructive crits.  I'm always striving to improve my work.  Thanks!Pressure:

Claymation with polymer clay

Started by Jack Spiggle in CLAY. Last reply by Jack Spiggle on Monday. 2 Replies

Hey guys,Im doing a little bit of stop motion for my art final work this year at school and have decided to redo a work I did last year of growing up because I didnt have much time last year to finish (Ive attached last years work below). I ran into some problems last time tho such as morphing figures with a wire armature is a pain and because I was animating at school, every time I came back my puppet would have drooped and sagged. The oil clay also liked to bleed onto my hands quite a bit (it was really cheapy clay that we had in the store room).I reckon puppet putty would be ideal but living in Aus its harder to come by so I was just wondering if anyone had tried clay animation with polymer clay like super sculpey? I have played around with the firm version and it seems like the normal version may work for what I need. But would I be able to animate smallish figures, say 2-3 inches tall, without an armature? I figure it would crack quite a bit but Im not going to be doing much "animation" with it, mostly morphing. Thanks in advance,JackEDIT:File doesnt seem to open for me so I uploaded it to youtube:Continue

Tags: clay, Polymer

Heat Shrink Tubing

Started by Aarica North in ARMATURES. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh on Sunday. 2 Replies

Hey all!I just built my first ball and socket armature and have run into something puzzling: the kit provides clear plastic heat shrink tubing to seal the wire fingers. The instructions say to activate it by boiling water and pouring it over the tubing, but it is not shrinking at all for me. Anyone have any tips? Continue

Digital video camera for stop motion?

Started by Michael Ahumada in CAMERA & STAGE. Last reply by Michael Ahumada Feb 16. 2 Replies

Hello everyone,I am new here and just registered today.I have a question: I am starting out in stop motion animation and need some advice on a camera.I do not yet have a DSLR camera to use for animation, however what I do own is an old standard definition Canon ZR 850 digital home video camera. I have been shooting some stop motion tests with it and the results are somewhat low resolution. My question is this: Is this possibly due to the low resolution chip of the camera itself or the actual taking lens?I also noticed that when I have the camera on zoom, the quality seems to deteriorate. I seem to get better results when I have the camera lens set at full-wide and bring the lens up close to the subject.Any advice would be helpful.Thanks!MichaelContinue


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