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Don Carlson replied to Ron Cole's discussion New Short Film Project For Me
"Yay, Ron! It makes a huge difference when you finally get to do something you've been looking forward to for a long time. I have a feeling that sleep may be a hurdle for your excitement. :D"
3 hours ago
StopmoNick replied to Erin Mills's discussion Stuffed stop motion, Goda style
"Best not to just put the armature into the stuffed animal.  You build it up by starting with the armature - whether it is ball and socket, or aluminium armature wire - build up the body shape with sheet foam, glued and carved with scissors,…"
21 hours ago
Adam Taylor replied to Kevin Stratton's discussion Professional Production Rigging with Berkey Systems
"These are some of the parts that Laika uses. They customize everything there, but this seems to be the foundation for many rigs."
21 hours ago
StopmoNick replied to Ron Cole's discussion New Short Film Project For Me
"This sounds great, I look forward to seeing what you do for it.  And I'm absolutely sure you will make the stop motion a real highlight of the film!"
21 hours ago


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New Short Film Project For Me

Started by Ron Cole in YOUR STOPMO FILM PROJECT. Last reply by Don Carlson 3 hours ago. 2 Replies

I'm very excited about a new short film I've been asked to work on, it's a live action fantasy film called 'The Guardian'. The film's director contacted me about one particular animated creature in the film but when I read the script I wanted to do two more of the other characters in the film because I felt they were totally suited to be stop motion characters, would be pretty unique as stop motion creations and both have speaking rolls... the director was convinced I was right. It's a small budget production but, there's enough money to make it well worth my investment because the director's past works impressed me and the characters are EXACTLY the types of characters I've wanted to animate for years. Over the past few years there have been other low budget films that have requested my participation that I've turned down because they don't quite fit where I want to go an where I'd like to take this artform... this one fits. I can't say much about it for obvious reasons but there are 3 characters that are all very different visually and will each present their own technical challenges and I fully intend to meet and exceed those challenges to create some amazing stuff for you to see. One is completely non-humanoid, the next is kind of a humanoid thing with a speaking roll and the last isn't even made out of anything that should be a living thing and that one will surely be the most cool. It's been a long time since I was last excited about a film project because of it's content but this one has boosted my creative juices into gear. I've spoken with the director numerous times and am quite confident that he will produce a very entertaining film and he's equally as excited about having realistic stop motion special effects in his film. It's 'only' a short film but when short films are great, they can be the beginning of a revolution and I'm feeling very good about this one. I've been waiting years for a project like this. :)Continue

Tags: effects, special, Dynamation

Stuffed stop motion, Goda style

Started by Erin Mills in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by StopmoNick 21 hours ago. 4 Replies

Hi Guys,I am new hear and fairly new to stop motion. I wanted to get some advice on something I tried to scan this website for but couldn't really find what I am looking for. I wanted to get some advice on how to construct a stuffed puppet that is similar to Tsuneo Goda, who created Domo. He is a Japanese stop motion artist who operates Dwarf Studio's in Japan. I wanted to make a stop motion about my 2 dogs in this particular style but cannot find information on how to put a stuffed puppet together. I think I understand what type of materials you would use, but its the actual structure for it that is confusing me. I tried googling it but it always showed examples of people just putting wire etc into stuffed animals which is not what I want, i would actually like to see if i could get a armature made etc but need to understand what i would need etc :)Has anyone made one of these puppets before?Any type of information o this would be great and appreciated Continue

Tags: Japanese, Goda, stuffed

Professional Production Rigging with Berkey Systems

Started by Kevin Stratton in ANIMATION TOOLS & EQUIPMENT. Last reply by Adam Taylor 21 hours ago. 3 Replies

Hey guys!I was wondering if anyone had any experience using the products from Berkey Systems for rigging on their stop motion sets?I really like how these products look but was wondering if anyone has used them? Whether using C-stands or overhanging stands, trying to use a ball and socket rig to cover a long distance causes the rig to bounce and take forever to settle before taking a photo. These blocks and tubes seem like they would be a lot sturdier to rig from. Bottom video shows a stop motion production for "Mcdonalds." At 1:24 the overhead rigging system is used and it looks AMAZING!!!!

Hand made armature

Started by Samer Khaleel in ARMATURES. Last reply by John Oakley on Friday. 1 Reply

Hello,Here is a photo of my 3rd version of the hand made armature I'm working on (not final yet).I used plexyglass sheet, steel, plastic balls and wood.Do you think I should make a video tutorial for it after I finish.Continue

Stop Motion Armatures in the US

Started by Yorwick in ARMATURES. Last reply by Ben White on Thursday. 4 Replies

I've just relocated  back to the States after seven years studying in the UK. I used to get armatures for all the short films I made in my UK studio. Now back in New York, I can't find a US equivalent. I've seen online stores selling armatures but for much higher prices. I'd appreciate some advice from any US-based animators. What's your favorite source for ball-and-socket armature kits? Or do you prefer to make your own from scratch?Thanks in advance!Continue

CGI films that mimic Stop-motion?

Started by T F in STOP MOTION FILM DISCUSSION. Last reply by Adam Taylor on Thursday. 4 Replies

What are some CGI animated short films that do a decent job in mimicking stop-motion animation?Something like Gracht - Joost de Jong.Continue

Tags: Something, animation?, stop-motion, mimicking, like

Please Introduce Yourself

Started by Anthony Scott in CHAT BOARD. Last reply by Ben White on Thursday. 521 Replies

Use this space to tell everyone about yourself and your interest in stop motion animation.Continue


Started by Chris Clubb in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Chris Clubb on Wednesday. 2 Replies

I would like to beat , has anyone ever considered doing a horror movie , or a Science Fiction film , all focused in Claymation , or stop-motion-animation, and if so what would the story be ?Has anyone , done a fantasy , film all devoted to just by using stop-motion-animation , with endless , possibilities , I would like to know , and why not . Anyone can do it right ?This year , is my year and I am going to create , and develop every creature all of the foes , that "CONAN", has encountered , in the past and also from every story that "Robert E. Howard", has invented , and I will give them a back ground story , and their beginning's , that would make my ultimate adventure more original , than any filmed live action , has never been done before .My story will be a 3 part trilogy , and I hope if anyone is at all interested , please give me a call .My phone # is (1818) 243-6335 , and I would like to learn from all of you as well .If anyone out there hasn't neither , have the time , to work in any kind of media , on their own , have you worked you butts off , by spending at least , animating from 9 to 5 hours , or how about 24 hours endlessly at all , on the craft of your projects at all , and if so , I would like to know please , I am very interested in hearing everyone's story , it would be also nice if everyone could at least tell their stories , in a very nice thick book , about their history , and their love , for the greatest of everyone , that might be a animator's point of view .    I have been working for "THE CHIODO BROTHERS", for over 23 years , and they have supported me for a very long time , if there is anyone , who might be interested , to have a large group mind , please don't be a stranger to me , I am very interested in seeing all of your work , and I am very interested , in seeing everything that everyone has done , our art is much better than the crap that is out there , the digital age in not that good anymore , I have a great respect for everyone…Continue

Interview: Tom & Hani Animation stop-motion studio (Israel)

Started by Karolina Cizkova in STOP MOTION FILM DISCUSSION on Wednesday. 0 Replies

Hi, website posted interesting interview about animators from Israel. You can read it here:

Tags: tel, aviv, interview, animuj, israel

Animator´s Calendar 2018 - SALE! :)

Started by Karolina Cizkova in ANIMATION TOOLS & EQUIPMENT on Wednesday. 0 Replies

Hi, animation lovers!I wrote You few months ago about the firts Animator´s Calendar in the world. (full article about the calendar is here: you can buy it for 10 euro! You can order it here or You can write me.

Tags: prague,, republic, czech, calendar


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