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Stop Motion Stage hints?

Started by Mark Francombe in CAMERA & STAGE. Last reply by Mark Francombe 4 hours ago. 34 Replies

Hi! Im just starting to build some kind of re-usable "stage" for my upcoming stop motion masterpieces. Im probably going to get into the whole Moco question, with stepper motors and arduinos and sliders etc. Right now I have a slider, mounted on tripods, a few good lights... and... An old table that I think would make the basis for a good "stage". Before I jump right in Id like to ask a fw very simple questions to save me the heartache of finding out the long way. Hope you guys can oblige with your experience. 1) What is a good working height? Currently the table is just 40cms high and I was thing to increase it to about 1m, or 90cms. Assuming I will be sitting here for many hours leaning in and out, what would be a good ergonomic hight? 2)I have variable colour on my lights, and I may get arty (probably actually) with gels etc, but would you normally shoot tungsten or daylight colour? 3)Assuming I only have a regular slider for left/right moves, Are there any cool ways to track in and out (In the old days I used to move the whole scene (on squared paper to time to moves) towards the camera, but that was completely wrong really as the lights didnt move, so shadows would move... I didn't notice it much then, but I do now. Im think of making sliders on each side of my table that the camera slider can move on... Is this a known way? How DO you do tracks?Im sure there will be many more questions... but maybe... Can I ask? Can you guys share pics of your stages, if they seem relevant to what IM try to achieve. Maybe I can make a "build series" ? so here's my starting place...Continue

Willis O’Brien Recommendations

Started by Jeremy Yoder in STOP MOTION FILM DISCUSSION. Last reply by tam hinton 6 hours ago. 6 Replies

Hi everyone,I just watched “Mighty Joe Young” with my eight-year-old daughter who was totally INTO it. She yelled encouragement every time Joe got into trouble (I suspect she wishes her best friend was also a giant gorilla). I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for other O’Brien films that are not King Kong (she’s seen that and loved it too).Continue

Baby face

Started by tam hinton in YOUR STOPMO FILM PROJECT. Last reply by tam hinton 6 hours ago. 2 Replies

hey everybodyhere's my new film, now available on youtube and featured on SWIGLY.Please do take a look and give me your (nice) comments.I'm especially interested to know if there's an appetite for more of this sort of surrealist claymation...CheersSir. Anthony Shopkins

Tags: strange, horror, (esque), swankmejer, claymation

Two StickyBones puppets going dirt cheap.

Started by Kit in STOPMO NEWBIES on Friday. 0 Replies

I mentioned these on another thread but thought they might merit their own titile:I have two new, unused, still in their original packaging Stickybones figures with flying rigs, one grey, one blue, having signed up to the original funding project and then gave up animation before they arrived.Current price for the Stickybones figures with flying rig is $192 AUD each but they are absolutely no use at all to me so make a token offer and they're yours. You pay postage from Western Australia. I have a more conventional metal armature kit available as well. See my other recent post for details.Continue

Armacreatures armature for sale

Started by Kit in ARMATURES. Last reply by Kit on Friday. 2 Replies

I have a Ray Harryhousen Armacreatres armature set plus rigging kit for sale. Some of the parts have been assembled into the standard biped fugure (using Locktite) shown in the included plans. I just can't see myself ever using this so am offering it for sale.Details can be seen at the suppliers website in Western Australia. Any offers?Continue

Short stop motion animation courses?

Started by Rob den Dekker in ANIMATION SCHOOLS. Last reply by tam hinton on Thursday. 12 Replies

Hi all,Are there any good short stop motion animation courses anyone can recommend in the UK?Any tips would be greatly appreciated!Cheers,Rob.Continue

Armature Kit for (web-) serie

Started by Dackus in ARMATURES. Last reply by James Krysa on Thursday. 7 Replies

Hi everybody,First, sorry for my english, as you read I'm french. Nobody is perfect.Secondly, I was very happy to find this awesome website. I usually direct short movies with real people, but for a low budget web-serie project in stop motion, we'll need to buy and make some puppets.For the protagonist's armature, I've read some of your posts, and finded for our needs, three kinds of armatures in our budget :- The Modus pro built armature from Julian Clark : this one is out of stock : The George SK armature, recent stuff in carbon : And this one, from the same seller : enough reviews on these two lasts, but seem to be pro.If you had some advices about all that, you'll have my eternal gratitude.Thanks a lot !Continue

movie madness!

Started by tam hinton in STOPMO NEWBIES on Wednesday. 0 Replies

hey everybodyhere's my new film, now available on youtube and featured on SWIGLY.Please do take a look and give me your (nice) comments.I'm especially interested to know if there's an appetite for more of this sort of surrealismCheersSir. Anthony Shopkins

Animate tree growing

Started by Joe in MODEL DEPARTMENT. Last reply by Joe on Tuesday. 6 Replies

HiI'm planning a shot in which a tree will grow very quickly. From nothing, the tree will grow up to full size (about 12 inch at the scale I'm working) in 3 or 4 seconds.Does anyone have any ideas on what materials I could use to make the tree? So far I've got 2 ideas - which I haven't tested yet,idea 1 - make a series of replacement trees of different sizesidea 2 - make a tree at the full size out of wire with some other material over the wire and position it over a hole in the set, then animate the shot in reverse, pulling the tree down into the hole a little bit each frame.I need to do some mock ups and shoot some tests but I wondered if anyone on here had any other ideas for materials to make the tree from?ThanksContinue

Tags: growth, grow, tree

Silicone Lip Syncing?

Started by Alexander O. in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by StopmoNick May 22. 5 Replies

Hello all! I've been lurking on this website for a while now and just realized it would be easier to find answers if I actually made an account and asked questions :P I'm very new to stop motion, and I've yet to actually start building a puppet rather than using everyday items to animate.I plan to make a wire-and-epoxy armature, cast a head, and shape a build-up body. I have most of my materials, however I'm still unsure about the head. I'm leaning toward the look of silicone, but because what I'm working on is very dialog-heavy I don't know if that's the best choice.Is there any recommended techniques to get the most out of mouth movement? I know of wires to open and close the jaw, though is there something to be done to make rounder phonemes and curve the lips (smiling, frowning, etc.)? Is there any viable method to make replacement mouths on a silicone puppet, like leaving the mouth area smooth and sticking something onto it? How often would I need to remake worn-out mouths if I do that? Or if I use silicone would the best option for this kind of expression just be editing on mouths in post?If it helps, I aim to make puppets of humans/humanoids in the 6-8" height range. Regarding longevity, the project with this issue is aimed to be about 2 minutes long with almost constant mouth-moving (spread among 5 characters). I don't have a final price range, but every month I have roughly another $100 max I can spend on materials. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Excited to join the community :)Continue

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