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The Silly Man - (Pilot) Stop Motion Animation

The silly man was an arduous production that didn’t go ahead because of the lack of project structure and manpower, but the idea still stands and will come w...
19 minutes ago
Designasaur replied to Designasaur's discussion 100 Days of Plasticine
"Hi Simon,Thanks for taking the time out to give me some feedback! Big Bad Monsters was actually made a couple of years ago now and I feel that I've learned a lot since making it. Looking back, I agree that the ending is weak and there are…"
1 hour ago
Designasaur replied to Designasaur's discussion 100 Days of Plasticine
"Thank you so much!"
1 hour ago
Designasaur replied to Designasaur's discussion 100 Days of Plasticine
"Thank you very much! They held out okay for the duration of the filming process - I stored them wrapped in sandwich bags/clingfilm in boxes out of the way while they weren't in use which seemed to keep them from drying out pretty well."
1 hour ago


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100 Days of Plasticine

Started by Designasaur in SCULPTING. Last reply by Designasaur 1 hour ago. 17 Replies

Hello!I'm pretty new here but thought I'd say hello. I'm a stop motion animator/model maker trying to work my way in to industry or get myself to a point of being able to freelance full time.I work mainly in plasticine but would like to move over to silicone/latex at some point.I've attached a few snaps of my models. Any feedback would be much appreciated! You can see more on my Instagram page @dr_designasaur if you're interested.Continue

Sculpting unusual replacement faces

Started by Daniel Waine in GENERAL PUPPET MAKING. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh on Friday. 4 Replies

This is an update of sorts to an older thread ( as I've gotten some more time to work on things. What I'd like to be able to do is replicate these faces fairly accurately so that even in the low light I'm going to be shooting them in they look good. Using milliput it's proved quite tricky to get the faces looking the same at the end. Will mould and casting in foam work for something with this shape or should I consider a different method?

Some shots from Finity Calling

Started by Jasper Kuipers in YOUR STOPMO FILM PROJECT. Last reply by Jasper Kuipers Aug 14. 14 Replies

Hi everyone!It has been a while since I posted something from this project I am working on titled Finity Calling. I showed some work in progress, props and puppets earlier but no animation yet. The reason is that I spent the last 13 months animating on animating and I didn't find the time to put something up really. So the good news is that I just finished my last shot a couple of days ago!I am very happy to show a couple of the shots here. All of these are straight out of the studio, so no postproduction work is done on them yet. That's the next phase. :)Continue

Tags: calling, finity, shots, animation

Green screen animation backdrop

Started by Cadmus Rimbeaux in STOP MOTION SETS. Last reply by Ed Riccardi Aug 13. 7 Replies

Hey guysI have some new projects buzzing around in my head that will most likely require the use of a green screen. My puppets are built to be tied down to the animation table by a screw coming up from underneath the table and into the foot. This method requires I drill a number of holes in the board- this has never been an issue of visibility as camera angling combined with the texturing of the board nicely hides the holes. I'm worried though that if I utilized a green screen backdrop and a green floor that the holes would be like gaping tears in the chroma keying process. Does anyone know how to navigate this issue? I realize I could just not show the puppet's feet, but that wouldn't fly for every shot. I'm asking for variety's sake. Anybody know how magnets would work for a 10-12" puppet?Online sources for buying green screen cloth or paint?or, does anyone know if this would NOT be an issue in the editing process? Thanks-CadmusContinue


Started by Anthony Scott in YOUR STOPMO FILM PROJECT. Last reply by Steve Copeland Aug 13. 38 Replies

Stopmo Jam 2 is all about a Single Character running, hopping, skipping, dancing anything except walking. Start your animation already in motion. I will cut everyone's animation together in one big Action Jam. Character: Can be human, animal, bug, robot, a sack of flour, a jellybean. The important thing is, give your character personality and weight. You can make your character do a flip, a spin, while running if you want, just as long as they are facing screen right by the end of your animation. Composition: Character is running in place. On your first and last frame, your character must be facing screen right. (for cutting) See my simple animated Sample Run here.  Keep the bulk of your character within the White Square as much as possible. Background: Can be any color, moving or static, realistic or stylized. For added cool factor, animate some objects going by in the foreground and/or background such as trees, a building, a person waving. Commonly known as a Fake Traveling Shot, these elements must move thru frame traveling from right to left in order for your shot to work correctly. See above video. Important Technical Requirements Shot Length: 10 seconds maximum Frame Rate: 24 fps Aspect Ratio: 1920 x 1080 Finished Animation: export to Quicktime (H264 is good) Puppets can be made of clay, paper, foam, wire, sand, whichever materials you can utilize to create your design but it must be stop motion animated. Sorry no LEGOs, action figures, toys, or store bought items are allowed UNLESS it is modified (painted, covered with paper or clay, etc). The goal is to make a hand-made experimental film. Stop motion puppets, 2d cutouts, sand, painting, pixelation, all hand-made animation techniques allowed. No Music or Sound fx. Music will be added later.  Content must be ok for kids to watch. I reserve the right not to include your animation if it doesn't fit into these guidelines. If you have any…Continue

Pigment oil clay

Started by Iulian Demetrescu in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Iulian Demetrescu Aug 12. 8 Replies

Hi,I know it's a silly question but how do you color /pigment clay? Here down under, acces to high quality clay is very limited. Van Aken or Newplast are impossible to find and buying from ebay has some huge shping costs ( up to 30 times the price of 500 g of clay). I found a good manufacturer of clay, the problem is they make only white clay. Hence the question... what pigments and/or inks i can use to give color to white clay? I am not talking about air dry or polymer clay. I am talking about non hardening oil clay which can be used for stop motion.Thank you for your help.Continue

Please Introduce Yourself

Started by Anthony Scott in CHAT BOARD. Last reply by Rob Nugen Aug 10. 514 Replies

Use this space to tell everyone about yourself and your interest in stop motion animation.Continue

FujiFilm X-T2 vs Canon

Started by Collin Mapp in CAMERA & STAGE. Last reply by Diego De la Rocha Aug 10. 5 Replies

Hello all!I use a Canon T4i for my stop motion but am getting ready to upgrade to a better camera. Like the 5D Mark ii or maybe even the Mark iv. But I've noticed the growing popularity and success of mirrorless cameras. I have a FujiFilm X100 that I just love for street photography and am wondering if I should jump off the Canon train and join the FujiFilm club with the X-T2. But I want to get what is best for making stop motion.Any thoughts or suggestions? Has anyone had experience shooting stop motion with an X-T2?Thank you!Continue

Tags: Canon, X-T2, FujiFilm

crowd funding

Started by tam hinton in STOPMO NEWBIES Aug 9. 0 Replies

Hey folkslets all crowd fund one another! You go first if you like-check out this exciting project ive got on the go!Seriously, interested to know peoples suggestions for crowdfunding pieces of stop-mo in this community and elsewheremoderators: apologies if this is the wrong place for such promotional stuff. Let me know and I'll move it!ThanksTam!/item/livetree/6916Continue

Preparing silicone for painting

Started by bigbossross in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by StopmoNick Aug 5. 3 Replies

Hey all,Does anyone have any tips or methods on how to best clean the lint and dust off a silicone puppet to prepare it for painting? Silicone seems to absorb any hair or lint in the vicinity. Paper towels and 99% alcohol/naphtha leave lint all over thr puppet. Do people typically scrub their puppets with soapy water and a toothbrush? Im considering wiping or brushing it down with solvent, then running distilled water over it and letting it air dry in a dust free location to remove the lint. Any tips are appreciated! ThanksContinue


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stopmo jam 2

The deadline for STOPMO JAM 2 is looming. August 15th. Get er done and once you do, send me a message here. I'll hook you up with a Dropbox to upload your JAM. late entries this time. 


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