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The Premonition - A Stop Motion Horror Animation

"great animation, very spooky and airy, i enjoyed the teddy part too wasn't expecting that :)"
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Started by Alix LAINE in MODEL DEPARTMENT. Last reply by Andrew Carlson 12 hours ago. 5 Replies

Hi,I updated my tumblr page with some of my recent work I did last year.Feel free to have a look: http://alix-modelmaking.tumblr.comSee ya,AlixContinue

Claymation with polymer clay

Started by Jack Spiggle in CLAY. Last reply by Serge Taganski 23 hours ago. 10 Replies

Hey guys,Im doing a little bit of stop motion for my art final work this year at school and have decided to redo a work I did last year of growing up because I didnt have much time last year to finish (Ive attached last years work below). I ran into some problems last time tho such as morphing figures with a wire armature is a pain and because I was animating at school, every time I came back my puppet would have drooped and sagged. The oil clay also liked to bleed onto my hands quite a bit (it was really cheapy clay that we had in the store room).I reckon puppet putty would be ideal but living in Aus its harder to come by so I was just wondering if anyone had tried clay animation with polymer clay like super sculpey? I have played around with the firm version and it seems like the normal version may work for what I need. But would I be able to animate smallish figures, say 2-3 inches tall, without an armature? I figure it would crack quite a bit but Im not going to be doing much "animation" with it, mostly morphing. Thanks in advance,JackEDIT:File doesnt seem to open for me so I uploaded it to youtube:Continue

Tags: clay, Polymer

About flocking silicone

Started by Alix LAINE in GENERAL PUPPET MAKING. Last reply by StopmoNick yesterday. 2 Replies

Hi,I was wondering if someone have any advices on how to flock silicone (using a flocking machine)?I know it is easier on foam latex, but I would like to try on silicone because of the durability.My first try (with no machine) was to thin down a platinum silicone than spray wet on my cast (which is silicone too) then flock by hand, then oven 60° for 20 min.Result seems to be strong but I don t even know if it ll work with the machine...Continue

Which tool to create movie animation Goanimate or Makewebvideo

Started by John Ready in ANIMATOR TALK. Last reply by Mario Gomes yesterday. 2 Replies

Hello, I am new in the world of animation, basically I am a graphic designer working at leading explainer video company and really interested to create custom animated videos and also motion pictures, I have used some other free tools, but found these tools now want to which one is best to create short animation videos.Continue

Tags: explainer, animation, video

Amaravella: A stop motion animation web series

Started by Mara Frampton in YOUR STOPMO FILM PROJECT yesterday. 0 Replies pilot episode is set on a planet called Amaravella. In each episode I hope to reveal more secrets about this strange and magical planet and the prophecy that led my protagonist 'Panthu' to crash land there.To all animators, I would be very grateful of feedback and tips. Obviously this is my first attempt at stop motion so I am already aware of a lot of my mistakes and have learnt much from the lengthy process. Really want to continue to make sets and puppets for new episodes. Have recently acquired an armature but will only use this for one special puppet as I am a poor student currently studying Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia (UK)Thank you so much if you do give this a watch!Continue

"Mirabilia" - the stop motion platformer

Started by Nikolay Todorov in YOUR STOPMO FILM PROJECT. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh yesterday. 1 Reply

Hello to everyone! In 2012 I did my fine art bachelor, and since than i fell in love with stop motion animation, despite i had never done any. I decided that i will do a computer game, which will be a side scroller. I wanted to learn all about the process of making stop animation - through making the puppets and sets, animating them, learning what i need from photography and so on. My main material is metal - this involves cutting, welding and sculpting it with a hammer, but i also include other things that I find visually attractive. It took me a long time to get here, because learning how to animate human body without starting with the basics was very hard...and stupid. I spent days without being able to make my animations correct, but this never stopped me. On the technology side, I already knew Photoshop, but started reading books about game, level and character design, storytelling, and also getting familiar with Game Maker, and afterwards - Unity, which are engines for making games. I know also a bit of programming, but nothing serious. Now, a few words about the project. The game is called Mirabilia, and is situated on a distant planet, inhabited with humans, that don't remember their past, or where they come from. The main character called Eon, who in the past was a buddhist monk, wakes up from a cryogenic sleep in a society that lives in a somewhat steampunk setting. Buut, ofcourse a disaster happens, and you have to save the world Making the puppet of the main character was a lot of fun for me, as it was my first time. Here are some pictures: The armature is made from alluminium tubes stuffed with wood, in which the joints take place: The facial expressions: I sculpted a head from clay, than changed it for every…Continue

Good tripod for stop motion?

Started by Twin Tales in CAMERA & STAGE. Last reply by Serge Taganski on Saturday. 8 Replies

Howdy!My brother and I are looking for a new tripod. What are good tripods for stop motion animation? We currently got the velbon df60 which have worked okay, but the weight is a bit to light so it's not that sturdy and easy to bump, which tend to be annoying. And some parts are now broken.We were thinking of getting a geared head, it is supposedly better than a ball head, cause it is more precise? We do alot of camera movements in our films, alot of tilts and pans etc...andwe like to have the ability to do that.Our budget is around 500 dollars.Any thoughts? Thanks!Continue

Tags: tripod

Attaching separite pieces to complex silicone model...

Started by Tim Ryan in CASTING. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh on Saturday. 24 Replies

Hi everyone!I have created a  silicone model (see attached pic) but it is in separite pieces and I was wondering if I could get some advice on the best way to attach them. The model is made from Platsil Gel 25.I have bought clear RTV silicone  to attach the piece to the main trunk at its point of contact but am unsure how to get a smooth silicone transition that conceals the - at present - very visible seam. I have been told I can paste silicone over it with more appropriately coloured platsil gel 25, thickened with tinthix. Does this sound feasible? Im worried there might be a transparency that leaves the join visible through the silicone. I am also worried that the new layer wont be smooth.On a seperate note - I also have slight colour differation between the pieces. I am planning on painting the model with silicone pigments - is this correctable during this process or will I have to recast?Any info on both these questions greatly appreciatedTimContinue

Denver stop-motion commerical studio, help tracking it down

Started by Tony Clavelli in PRO ANIMATOR DISCUSSION. Last reply by Ethan Bartholomae on Saturday. 1 Reply

Hi Everyone,I recently relocated to Denver, CO, and have been looking for animation work. I was in Reynold's Advanced Materials and talking with the clerk and he told me he knew of a studio that did stop-motion work. Great! But then he couldn't remember the names of those involved, said it was a guy named "Fish."Needless to say this was not too helpful. I have exhausted my googling resources, and now I was wondering if anyone knew about this studio that does commercial work in Denver. Any thoughts on how to track down this elusive company?Thank you for your help,Tony ClavelliReel:

Please Introduce Yourself

Started by Anthony Scott in CHAT BOARD. Last reply by Darius Stuart on Friday. 503 Replies

Use this space to tell everyone about yourself and your interest in stop motion animation.Continue


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