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Rigging bits in Australia - not overseas?

Started by Allan Begolo-Wyatt in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Allan Begolo-Wyatt 19 hours ago. 2 Replies

Hey chaps.My name is Allan - I've worked on and off in the video industry for years but just decided with the latest Victorian lockdown to follow my dreams and start animating some stop motion bits and pieces. It's all extremely rough stuff that I've done using clay I've bought from Spotlight just before everything went to pieces. Anyway - I digress - what I'm looking for is a place to find rigging supplies in Melbourne. It's become abundantly clear that I can't do much with clay alone - and I also have a commercial project that will require animating some action figures - both of which seem borderline impossible to do without some way of holding the figures steady.So the question I'm here to ask is - where can I get supplies in Australia for this sort of stuff? Coronavirus has sorta put a block in getting anything from overseas currently - and I noticed that StopMoNick is actually from Melbourne and might have some ideas. :)Thanks,Allan.Continue

Need help (upgrading light setup)

Started by animator15648 in ANIMATION TOOLS & EQUIPMENT. Last reply by StopmoNick yesterday. 1 Reply

Hey guys,I want to upgrade my lights but confused about whether to buy LED lights or photography lights with a softbox. From what I can tell, the softbox lights use fluorescent lights which I think are bad for stop motion animation as they flicker? Can someone please guide me on which one to buy. Here are some links on the 2 options of light kits I confused about. you!Note: those links are not the ones I am specifically buying but they are just for reference.Continue

Tags: light, help

fixing the puppet with screws

Started by Shigeru Okada in ANIMATOR TALK. Last reply by Shigeru Okada yesterday. 6 Replies

Hello,I'm a stop motion animator based in Japan.I would like to know how to make a screw hole accurately according to the position where I want the puppet to stand.Now I use a paper cut in the shape of a foot. I put it under the puppet's foot. After removing the puppet, I drill a hole at the position of the hole of paper. There is very little information in Japan because the method of fixing the puppet with screws is not used very often. I would like to know what method is used in other countries.Continue

Dragonframe real-time recording

Started by Max Bridge in ANIMATION TOOLS & EQUIPMENT. Last reply by Max Bridge yesterday. 2 Replies

Hey everyone, First post here. I know this is a stop-motion site but I can't seem to find a forum elsewhere for this. I'd trying to build a motion control rig for product videos. There's nothing out there which suits my needs so I thought I'd build something. The mechanics is all good but I'm having trouble figuring out how to connect it to some software. I had my heart set on Dragonframe but it seems you cannot do real-time moves, as they call it, using Arduino unless you buy their very expensive DMC-16 unit. If anyone can help me with the following it would be amazing:1) Is there a way to connect to Dragonframe using Arduino and do real-time moves? Am I missing something? 2) If not, can anyone suggest an alternate system? Really appreciate any help here. Thanks! Continue

Tags: dragonframe, real-time, video

Moving water in a scene

Started by Dave Cooley in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Dave Cooley on Friday. 22 Replies

Trying to find a simple way to animate the surface of a lake that will allow me to focus on animating two characters rowing a boat across it. I am not overly concerned with realism and will accept something a bit cartoony.The attached clip shows a brief test I did this afternoon using plastic wrap over a blue painted table top. With a bit of practice this might do the trick, but was wondering if there were any better ideas out there.Continue

Tags: boat, lake, water

Salt Lamp Sub?

Started by Georgia Madden in MODEL DEPARTMENT. Last reply by Georgia Madden on Thursday. 4 Replies

Hi there,I'm looking to animate a Himalayan salt lamp crumbling and was wondering if anyone has any ideas for materials I could use to build a mock (but realistic looking) lamp I could break apart? Ideally, it would be something lightweight and semi-transparent??Cheers, Georgia :-))Continue

How to reset cash app card pin

Started by Green Trust Cash App in STOPMO NEWBIES on Thursday. 0 Replies

If you are forgot your cash app pin & want to reset it. Don't worry! We can take the hassle. In this blog we gonna show you how to reset cash app card pin.Continue

Tags: card, pin, app, cash, to

Stop Motion Stage hints?

Started by Mark Francombe in CAMERA & STAGE. Last reply by Mark Francombe on Tuesday. 37 Replies

Hi! Im just starting to build some kind of re-usable "stage" for my upcoming stop motion masterpieces. Im probably going to get into the whole Moco question, with stepper motors and arduinos and sliders etc. Right now I have a slider, mounted on tripods, a few good lights... and... An old table that I think would make the basis for a good "stage". Before I jump right in Id like to ask a fw very simple questions to save me the heartache of finding out the long way. Hope you guys can oblige with your experience. 1) What is a good working height? Currently the table is just 40cms high and I was thing to increase it to about 1m, or 90cms. Assuming I will be sitting here for many hours leaning in and out, what would be a good ergonomic hight? 2)I have variable colour on my lights, and I may get arty (probably actually) with gels etc, but would you normally shoot tungsten or daylight colour? 3)Assuming I only have a regular slider for left/right moves, Are there any cool ways to track in and out (In the old days I used to move the whole scene (on squared paper to time to moves) towards the camera, but that was completely wrong really as the lights didnt move, so shadows would move... I didn't notice it much then, but I do now. Im think of making sliders on each side of my table that the camera slider can move on... Is this a known way? How DO you do tracks?Im sure there will be many more questions... but maybe... Can I ask? Can you guys share pics of your stages, if they seem relevant to what IM try to achieve. Maybe I can make a "build series" ? so here's my starting place...Continue

Harryhausen 100 tribute

Started by StopmoNick in YOUR STOPMO FILM PROJECT. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh Jul 4. 5 Replies

Today is the centenary of Ray Harryhausen's birth, so I've done a short animated tribute.  Last time, for his 90th, I focussed on the Cyclops in 7th Voyage (Walking the Walk).   This time I picked an iconic moment with Talos in Jason and the Argonauts.  But as before, I wanted to do it slightly indirectly, without exactly making a Talos puppet.   I meant to put my existing Skeleton and Cyclops puppets in as substitutes for Hylas and Hercules, but the cyclops was too small and had been modified, so I had to make a new one. I know Angus Lamont has been doing a tribute as well, don't know if there are others.  There were a lot of animators around the world doing them for Ray's 90th back in 2010, you can still find a few on Youtube by searching Harryhausen90.  Harryhausen100 tribute H264 from Nick Hilligoss on Vimeo.Continue

Nikon D3200 connection to Dragonframe

Started by Chris C in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Chris C Jul 3. 2 Replies

Ive just started animation and Im having problems connecting my DSLR to DF.. Ive followed the instruction ( to the best of my knowledge) that are on the DF website but I keep getting a message " cannot start life view under current conditions or settings"  Any ideas anyone, please?Continue

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Rigging bits in Australia - not overseas?

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