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Ron Cole replied to Ron Cole's discussion Live Chat On Reminder
"Ha ha! That's exactly what we were suspecting the reason was and I'm very glad that's all it was.  :)"
3 hours ago
T F replied to T F's discussion When is stop-motion not stop-motion...
"Hi Nick and Sebastian.First off, thank you for your comments. I greatly appreciate it! The points you make are very interesting.  The question of "Does it matter" has crossed my mind before, I was even considering it as a subquestion.…"
5 hours ago
sebastian Potts replied to T F's discussion When is stop-motion not stop-motion...
"Well said Nick.  i Recently watched Kubo and have seen so much of the making of it, and the making of is incredible the puppets the scale all of it is just incredible but they should of left it like that as mostly stop motion. when i watched…"
6 hours ago
Marc Spess replied to Ron Cole's discussion Live Chat On Reminder
"Sorry everyone, I wasn't in front of my computer tonight because I thought it was Tuesday for some crazy reason. Maybe I finally got abducted by aliens and had missing time? I'll have to talk to Justin Kohn, he might know :) Well...we will…"
10 hours ago


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Live Chat On Reminder

Started by Ron Cole in ANIMATOR TALK. Last reply by Ron Cole 3 hours ago. 319 Replies

Don't forget, on WEDNESDAYS (Thursdays on the first week of each month)  there's a new episode of LIVE CHAT hosted by Marc Spess on at 8pm Central time. Set you computer's alarm so ya don't forget! Here's a link to the live show page... Click Here!Continue

When is stop-motion not stop-motion...

Started by T F in STOP MOTION FILM DISCUSSION. Last reply by T F 5 hours ago. 3 Replies

Hey guys and gals, I'm an animation student in my final year and I'm wondering if I could get your opinion on my dissertation topic.  I'm more of a hands on kinda person ^_^'The title is "WHEN IS STOP-MOTION NOT STOP-MOTION: AN EXPLORATION INTO THE EXTENT OF CGI USAGE"Basically, how much CGI can be used on what is considered a Stop-motion film, before it is no longer considered so?I'd like to focus mainly on larger studios that get bigger budgets.  They seem to rely on CGI quite a bit nowadays.  It seems like these new stop-motion films rely on CGI so much, that they've even replaced almost all characters within a scene using CGI (BoxTrolls).  At least for scenes too difficult, complex or time consuming to use stop-motion.I only get 4000 words to work with so I've really gotta narrow down the subquestions.I was originally going to try to define what stop-motion actually means.  Followed by what these new stop-motion films use CGI for.  And ending it with how these things may or may not stick to the "definition" of what stop-motion is.But I don't think that's quite good enough for a dissertation.And I'm struggling a bit to find out what I want to get from this research.  Other than wanting a good grade as well as finding out the techniques these studios use so I can try to apply it to my own work :PAny input will be greatly greatly appreciated.  Books, journals etc.  I'm more of a hands on sorta person... ^_^'Thank you for taking your time to read this btw!Continue

Tags: help, essay, dissertation, motion, Stop

Ball & Socket Joints

Started by Cleo in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by StopmoNick yesterday. 1 Reply

Hi, I hope someone can help me here, or at lest tell me a better place to ask.I am looking for ball joints that are very small (about 1/2 cm and smaller) I need them to be able to hold a pose. I make posable dragons, I am using barbie doll leg joints for the knees and elbows but I can't seem to find any ball joints that are strong enough to hold a pose, the heaviest doll is about 1lb.I also need them to be fairly inexpensive, each doll has at lest 8 joints.Thank you.CleoContinue

Tags: pose, a, posable, dolls, joints

My DIY Dragonframe Rig.

Started by Biolapse in ANIMATION TOOLS & EQUIPMENT yesterday. 0 Replies

Hey Folks. First time posting on here, I thought some of you may be interested in seeing this. I have never done stop-motion animation (although I would love to try some stop motion soon), rather my interests lie in botanical time lapse photography. I used to run a small company building small motion control rigs but we decided to close shop due to time constraints and I had finally been able to turn my attention to time lapse.  I ended up filming the last year for a documentary which provided the funds to put together a proper studio rig. Its almost complete. I still need to wire up the focus motor and the 3D stereoscopic slider on the pan/tilt head, and a few minor things here and there, but the system is finally up and functioning at about 95%Here is a quick clip of it in action. Thank you!www.biolapse.comContinue

Budget home studio?

Started by Monica Broadley in CAMERA & STAGE. Last reply by Chris Hansen on Tuesday. 15 Replies

Hi, I'm in the process of setting up a semi-professional workspace for animating, in the spare room of a rental apartment. Hoping for advice about lighting options and blocking out windows and stuff? My previous experience at Uni was with professional film equipment, way out of my price range, so I'm hoping you guys know of some ways to get decent results without the multi-thousand dollar price tag. I'm in Australia, if that makes any difference to your suggestions. Thanks in advance for any help, this is something I've been wanting to do for a long time.

Please Introduce Yourself

Started by Anthony Scott in CHAT BOARD. Last reply by Andrew S on Sunday. 498 Replies

Use this space to tell everyone about yourself and your interest in stop motion animation.Continue

Motion Control for Dragonframe

Started by Tim Tracey in CAMERA & STAGE. Last reply by Simon Higgins on Sunday. 20 Replies

I'm trying to figure out exactly what I will need to purchase to do 3 axis motion control and focus. I'm finding it rather confusing. Anyone have any experience with this?I was looking at this package.

Tags: control, motion

Armacreatures armature for sale

Started by Kit in ARMATURES. Last reply by Kit on Sunday. 1 Reply

I have a Ray Harryhousen Armacreatres armature set plus rigging kit for sale. Some of the parts have been assembled into the standard biped fugure (using Locktite) shown in the included plans. I just can't see myself ever using this so am offering it for sale.Details can be seen at the suppliers website in Western Australia. Any offers?Continue

3 lenses and a Dolly kit

Started by Peter Donnelly in CAMERA & STAGE. Last reply by Peter Donnelly Oct 21. 7 Replies

Hello allI would like your view on these before I take the plunge:Nikon ai 24mm F2.8Nikon AF 50mm F/1.8DNikon 55/3.5 Micro-Nikkor-P AIPico Dolly Kit (not sure if this will be stable enough)  I have a canon 1200d so I know I will need a lens adapter but I hope one adapter will cover all three lenses.Thanks in advancepeterContinue

The Uncanny

Started by Lanna Meggy in STOP MOTION FILM DISCUSSION. Last reply by Strider Oct 20. 6 Replies

Hi all,I'm currently writing my dissertation on the sense of the uncanny in stop-motion, whether the medium is inherently uncanny, the ways in which it lends itself to this theme, recurring images like the eye, dolls, human-like forms & automatons, and the double.I'm also really interested in talking about the sound of a piece - whether the sound specifically composed for an uncanny piece would have the same effect if there was a different visual medium, and whether the usual process for composing music for stop-motion is done before or after the animation.I was wondering if anyone would be willing to have a short discussion with me about it - whether anyone has any comments, thoughts or ideas on the subject, whether it's something you've thought about before, or whether now, reading this you're suddenly thinking 'oh, yeah that makes sense'. Any thoughts about it from anyone, from animators to sound-engineers, anyone with a vague interest to experts in the field, are so welcome!Thanks for reading and considering, I hope I'm posting this in the right place!Lanna Continue

Tags: uncanny



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