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Bruce Bickford's Cas'l is finally released!!!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Don Carlson Dec 18, 2015. 11 Replies

I've been waiting and dreaming of this for so long I had given up hope and completely forgotten about it, but I just checked out of the blue and it is here at last!!! …Continue

Solenoid actuator as a shutter release? Mythbusters style!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Strider Oct 18, 2015. 26 Replies

I've got a camera that doesn't allow any kind of remote shutter release, mechanical or electronic, and I'd like to rig one up for it. My idea is to use some kind of linear actuator Mythbusters style. I've seen them use these things to push all kinds…Continue

Nice creepy dark carnival type stopmo in American Horror Story: Freak Show opening credits

Started this discussion. Last reply by Philmation Oct 18, 2014. 7 Replies

Just saw the premiere tonight, and was amazed to see stopmotion in the credits. Oh, some weird sexual stuff going on, mostly between skeletons - just a heads up. Continue

Institute Benjamenta and Svankmajer's Alice on blu-ray

Started this discussion. Last reply by vitriol Oct 18, 2013. 1 Reply

Why didn't it occur to me to check for this sooner? Blu-ray is perfect for Svankmajer's films, with all their…Continue

Conan the Barbarian - and --- Postmodernism??!!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ben Owora Sep 6, 2013. 10 Replies

I know, Conan as good of a movie as it is has no stopmotion, but this is the Story subforum, and this post is about story. Well, and also about a subject we've talked about many times in the past (this post is dedicated to Uncle LIO )The other day I…Continue

Koura the Animator - Ray's dark alter-ego?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Oldschooler Jun 22, 2013. 70 Replies

I just watched Golden Voyage and couldn't help but notice a few things - not sure if anyone ever pointed this out before or not, though I know I'm not the…Continue

Lighting Control Thread

Started this discussion. Last reply by Strider Jun 8, 2013. 5 Replies

This is an attempt to condense the information from the original massive lighting control thread on the old board, which was long and meandering and filled with a lot of non-essential info (though some of it was quite good). I want to try to just…Continue

Frankenweenie Pistachio commercial

Started this discussion. Last reply by Strider Feb 23, 2013. 8 Replies



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Strider replied to Larry S. Evans II's discussion Question about aperture flicker on Canon DSLR
"It will stay put, as long as you're using the camera with the lens unscrewed partially or in some way disconnected electronically. It has to, because the lens itself can't move without the impulse from the camera. As soon as you break that…"
5 hours ago
Strider replied to Michael's discussion Casting Van Aken Clay
"I remember some people on the old board messing around with all those nasty toxic chemicals and I don't remember any of them ever saying it worked well. Usually they seemed to keep thinking that if they could find exactly the right way to do it…"
8 hours ago
Strider replied to Michael's discussion Casting Van Aken Clay
"Casting in urethane resin. I'll usually sculpt puppet heads or what have you from a polymer clay like super sculpey, then make one or sometimes several castings. If it's a big head I'll hollow-cast a thin skin and then backfill that…"
Strider replied to Michael's discussion Casting Van Aken Clay
"I've never cast clay in a silicone mold, but I have made a good few silicone molds and I'll at least get the ball rolling on the thread, if I can't give exactly the advice you're looking for. I usually use a silicone called Oomoo…"
Strider replied to Konovision's discussion Wire armature breakage
"Haha tell me about it! That's how I've come up with all my names online - if I ever did have something pretty good it was already taken and I had to come up with weird variations until I found something that wasn't. "
Strider replied to Konovision's discussion Wire armature breakage
"Wow, excellent info Marc! See, this is why you're the Prometheus of Animate Clay.   And just for the record, Marc took part in that thread - he went by the name 1 on the old board. "
Strider replied to Konovision's discussion Wire armature breakage
"What??!! Are you saying stopmo isn't porn for you?  Hey, just a pro tip - if you type in the Reply to Discussion box at the bottom of the page rather than clicking on Reply under a post, then people don't have to see the entire text…"
Strider replied to Porter's discussion Critique on a basic animation
"Here is a light flesh colored liquid latex in a 4.5 oz size: Mehron Liquid Latex It doesn't say whether it has fillers or not, but that's not really all that important. If it does have fillers like the Mold Builder latex (I suspect it…"
Strider replied to Porter's discussion Critique on a basic animation
"I took another look at your clips, and my critique would be - keep going!! It's hard to critique such brief clips that are just super basic moves. It's when you start putting a few moves together to get some acting that it starts to get…"
Strider replied to Porter's discussion Critique on a basic animation
"Are you trying to build a puppet and animate with it all in one day??!!   I don't think I ever got a puppet done in 4 hours - more like 4 days usually, if not 4 weeks for the more ambitious ones (maybe 4 months.. ). But I realize…"
Strider replied to Porter's discussion Critique on a basic animation
"All refreshed now! It occurred to me it would be a good idea to make a list of good general puppet making supplies for the type of puppets you're doing. I'll put down my first thoughts here and possibly add more later if I think of…"
Strider replied to Porter's discussion Critique on a basic animation
"Ok, I downloaded your tests - they're looking pretty good! I like the way you're doing the bodies. Let me guess - playing with clay for the hand made you realize you want to try latex? Lol - welcome to the party pal! "
Strider replied to Porter's discussion Critique on a basic animation
"Depends on what you're wanting to do. A full body naked puppet, like a dinosaur sort of buildup, or more of a person in clothes where you only need latex for the arms and neck sort of buildup? When I mentioned fleshing the armatures out what I…"
Strider replied to Konovision's discussion Wire armature breakage
"Weird - I just tried it and it works fine for me. Maybe this will work better? If it still won't work, here's…"
Jul 21
Strider replied to Konovision's discussion Wire armature breakage
"Here's a thread from the old SMA message board where Sock Puppet describes methods for it:  Replacement Heads It isn't exactly the latest state of the art - the thread is from 2002!  But lots of good info to get you started…"
Jul 20
Strider replied to Konovision's discussion Wire armature breakage
"Most of us on this site are into puppet animation rather than clay, except for Don Carlson, who is a wizard with the stuff, and maybe a few more who don't speak up very much. I've done just a little messing around with animating clay, but…"
Jul 19

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Comment Wall (9 comments)

At 9:31pm on June 8, 2012, LIOs Nephew said…

In past, Uncle LIO went into depth speculating reasons why search engines (their indexing bots) not able to do deep search of Old glitchy forum scripts or some hidden coding gone haywire maybe. Probably why same reason cannot fully detect the deeper pages. If there is any good to that, maybe that not searchable thing has maybe help prevent from being hacked & spammed.

At 10:06pm on June 8, 2012, LIOs Nephew said…

Signing-up: I see template has elements of the social-schmocial sites. Not saying that's bad. Signing up, it asks a bit more personal info, such as location and BIRTHDATE. Signing up here, I was not sure my birth or age would be displayed and so I lied when I was born :)  I also tried to put my real birthdate, born in year 2000 (I'm just a kid) and the sign-up form rejected it.

At 10:15pm on June 8, 2012, LIOs Nephew said…

There seems to be 2 ways to post ... one is 1) REPLY & other is 2) COMMENT.

1) With 'reply' type post, a warning about 15 minutes editing minutes left to edit comments.  In the heat of keyboarding emotional debates, commentary, & opinions, many times I know posters have gone back to re-edit, change, or delete. But only 15 minutes window period to re-edit? I feel under pressure :(  Wonder if that editing time can be extended.

2) With 'comment' type post .... it looks like there is no editing feature of your post/comments, BUT it allows you to delete the entire comment. Look at the 'x' in upper right corner. That feature similar to facebook. You just delete comment & rewrite if you want.

At 11:11am on August 7, 2012, trikfx said…

Hi Mike!

At 11:26am on August 7, 2012, trikfx said…

Not too bad.  Took my Son last month to Prague to meet the crowd there; planting seeds in his head...  Opera Season doesn't go full tilt for another month, so I'm home dickering about.  Almost done setting up my little smithy in the garage...  Hope all is well!

At 5:28am on September 13, 2012, Laurie MacKeigan said…

Hi Strider, 

Thanks for all the info, it wasn't overload at all, just what I was looking for.  Andy had told me that there were adaptors for lenses, I have an Olympus e520, and one Canon lens (50mm) a Tiffen 62 mm, and another Canon 135 mm.  These are all really manual, from my old 35mm cameras, so I'm pretty sure they'll work.  Do I have to find an adaptor specifically for canon to olympus, or do they make generic ones?  Just started looking into this, notice they range from $10-150, so there must be some differences..  I wanted to peruse what was allready on here for info before I started a redundant discussion post.  Attempted to get Sophi to do the research part, but she's just into the creative stuff, so it's up to me to figure out the nuts and bolts of this venture, sigh, when I want to make models too!

I'm thinking you were watching the Gumbi show, my eldest daughter is 13, so she started off with the Gumby movie.  Man, I think she watched that movie at least once a day for a solid year when she was a toddler.  Now that I am learning a bit about animation I kind of wish we still had it, I would look at it with a different eye (specifically, that epic swordfight scene...)  

Wish I had more time to research today, but duty calls.

Thanks for your help.

At 2:52pm on September 17, 2012, Laurie MacKeigan said…

Wow Strider, you're doing all the work for me, it's awesome!!  After a very busy weekend (had a bday on Saturday) I'm finally getting back to the project.  So no go on the plug for the camera (the battery does last a long time), I guess I can deal with that.  I was thinking what's the big deal about having a plug, but then I thought, duh, you have to move the camera to change the battery, which means you'd have to do an entire shoot on one battery or else have some discrepancy in the film, correct?  I suppose it's pretty impossible to get it in exactly the same position.  See, it's starting to make sense, it will make more sense when we actually get set up and start doing it, I suppose.

So my only other option is this Tiffen lens that came off my old 35 mm pentax k-1000 (loved that camera!)  It is an FD mount lens, 62 mm, I'll look and see if I can find a converter for it.  I'm pretty sure I have more questions but I'm not thinking of them right now, need to reread and absorb a bit.

Thanks again for sharing your rather extended knowledge.

At 5:34am on September 20, 2012, Laurie MacKeigan said…

OK, thankful that the parts so far are in our budget, going to order the adaptor and remote today.  You were right that was a tiffen filter on the lens, but still can't see a name on this dang lens anywhere, have no idea who made it, hope it works with the adaptor.  My other option was to hit up friends with old cameras for lenses.

So now for the computer part, cringing.  I have a pc here that was recently put together and so has nothing on it, would I be able to use that, or do I need to have a laptop, and what are my options for software (besides Dragon?)

I'm being terribly lazy using you for a reference, I promise I'll do better research myself soon.  I'm a baker and my business is super busy right now (autumn in new england is busy time) plus we homeschool, so trying to get into the swing of things.  As I mentioned before, everyone wants to make models and stories, no one wants to do the boring technical work, sigh.

At 1:56pm on April 7, 2013, Wilker said…

i read your blog virtually the whole afternoon, and wanted to say thanks for all the useful information you share with people!

i wish you all the best and kind regards! 

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Link list - Handy links to useful information on the forum

Posted on July 15, 2013 at 4:30pm 0 Comments

Trying something out here - using the blog to list useful links for easier  finding later. This way you can link directly to whichever part of the thread contains relevant info, plus list what the main subject is as opposed to just an often misleading thread title. Can also  list keywords to help refine future searches. 


Using various lenses on a Canon camera:…



Posted on September 2, 2012 at 6:30pm 0 Comments

For anybody who might suffer from internet addiction (as I apparently do) I've discovered a really niftly little app called Freedom, which allows you to switch off your internet connection for a period of time you specify - up to 8 hours at a stretch - so you can actually get some work done. 


STOPMO JAM rough cut

Here is the STOPMO JAM rough cut. Still waiting on the final music. Enter the password Spring16 to view.

5 Seconds of Funny

5 Seconds of Funny Animation Video Competition over at Brick Innovations.

Deadline July 31, 2016. Click the LINK for more info.


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