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Don Carlson's Discussions

On revealing our secrets...(or not)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Don Carlson Aug 5. 31 Replies

Someone on Facebook brought up a good point about sharing knowlege. He said that if you share all your secrets at the beginning, you won't have any unique value to bring to the table when it comes to…Continue

PAX painting secret

Started this discussion. Last reply by Don Carlson Jun 21. 4 Replies

Hi folks,Taking a page from Rick Baker's policy not to have a "magician's code", I want to share a "magic trick".The brush is a silicone paddle from a frosting kit at Michael's. It was a pack of 3,…Continue

Tags: silicone, cake, frosting, skweegie, paint

Wax animation test

Started this discussion. Last reply by John Horabin Jun 5. 3 Replies

Hi folks, finally putting my money where my mouth is and giving the animation wax a test drive. Here's a short loop illustrating its elastic properties. The way it moves is more like flesh than…Continue

Tags: stop, motion, test, mouth, wax

Blocking windows

Started this discussion. Last reply by Don Carlson May 18. 14 Replies

I'm pretty sure we have talked about this before, but I can't find the thread about preventing sunlight through a window from causing light fluctuations on set. After some experimentation, I found…Continue


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Don Carlson commented on Don Carlson's photo

better instructions

"Thanks for looking. I'm trying to get the packaging up to par with distributors' standards. A retail art store wants to sell this on consignment (to give me a little more money from each sale because he's a nice guy) and he was…"
Don Carlson posted photos
Don Carlson replied to Marnik's discussion eBay lights...
"Looks nice, Dennis!"
Don Carlson replied to Marnik's discussion eBay lights...
"If you don't need the ability to focus the light, or barn door it (without making your own barn doors), I absolutely recommend PAR 20 SPOT lightbulbs. You can get a dish-style aluminum light and take the reflector off, and that will give you a…"
Don Carlson replied to Troy Stith's discussion Bringing Doodles To Life
"I can't believe this has gotten no replies. Awesome work, Troy! Before starting a film, you may want to make many animation tests. Find the hardest parts of what the script requires, and take video reference of those actions, if you can, and…"
Oct 13
Don Carlson replied to Asya Lukin's discussion animation residency/studio
"Hey Asya, do you mind traveling to Turkey? I know a guy there. He offered me a work experience awhile back, but I couldn't go. Might still need help. I will write him."
Oct 13
Don Carlson replied to Joe (Dinoman217)'s discussion Flesh-Colored Clay
"Interesting idea there, Nick! I agree, it's lower than the previous quote, but still not quite there yet...Well, a big name in stop motion asked for a sample, so I sent that out yesterday, and the store where I buy some of the clay ingredients…"
Oct 11
Don Carlson replied to Joe (Dinoman217)'s discussion Flesh-Colored Clay
"Just got back from the post office. The guy said that there were restrictions, with regard to foldability of the packaging, etc. But he said that if I can get the clay into a thin envelope, it will cost about $16.00 for up to 1lb (454 grams). That…"
Oct 10
Don Carlson replied to Joe (Dinoman217)'s discussion Flesh-Colored Clay
"Looked into flattening the clay. The price is still $23.50, even if it's an A4 envelope...I selected "small Flat-Rate DVD box" after that, and... same deal. The shipping is based on weight, and whether it's a flat rate DVD box,…"
Oct 10
Don Carlson replied to Steve Boot's discussion Boxtrolls - its not all stopmotion!
"It didn't bother me. If anything, it made me feel better that some of the crowd characters were CG. Watching that ballroom scene, I was like, "how am I ever going to do anything like that? I suck!" And then to hear "oh, those…"
Oct 10
Don Carlson replied to Asya Lukin's discussion animation residency/studio
"Hi Asya,  The quality of your work is FANTASTIC! Particularly your lighting, sound, direction, and sculpting. Really amazing stuff. It reminds me a little bit of XYZOO. It's like a three-dimensional painting.  I love clay, and…"
Oct 9
Don Carlson replied to Asya Lukin's discussion animation residency/studio
"You would need a showreel that is good enough to convince a studio to take you in, if they had a residency program. If you don't have anything completed, show clips from your best work from the film. Not sure what country you live in, but in…"
Oct 9
Don Carlson commented on Don Carlson's photo


"It's interesting how, if you sculpt in the style Vinton's used when they only shaped the clay with sculpting tools, it resembles a low-polygon mesh in a CG program."
Oct 8
Don Carlson posted a photo
Oct 8
Don Carlson replied to Joe (Dinoman217)'s discussion Flesh-Colored Clay
"Nick- A friend in Canada had that very same idea! I'm not sure if making it flat would work, because it's measured by weight for each mailing classification. But it wouldn't hurt to try. It's kind of funny- after spending all…"
Oct 8
Don Carlson replied to Joe (Dinoman217)'s discussion Flesh-Colored Clay
"Kit- That's a brilliant idea! So you're saying, "don't make the clay available as a physical product". Of course, I'd still be doing that somewhat, because I use it myself- never plan to use anyone else's clay.…"
Oct 7

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Comment Wall (3 comments)

At 9:19am on June 25, 2012, Claym8r said…
I used to animate with a clay that is manufactured by Caran d' Ache . It doesn't come in as many colors as the Van Aken brands, its waxy texture holds up much better under hot lights, and it cleans up a lot easier because the dyes in the clay don't run as badly as the other brands .
At 10:09am on June 25, 2012, Don Carlson said…

I have not found Caran D'Ache clay in stores, but did see their other art supplies.

I do know how to modify Van Aken to get the properties you're looking for. Spent a year studying clay formulas and got it down pretty good. I'll send you a private message.

At 2:10pm on January 6, 2014, Robin Haefeli said…

Thank you! Yes it is a combination of latex and sculpy for the eyes.

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Puppet Putty

Puppet Putty is formulated by clay animator Don Carlson. Properties include colors that do not bleed on your hands, a matte finish, cleans up with water, is very light weight, firm, non-greasy and has a silky texture.


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how do you animate doll eyes with no hole?

Started by Dawn Brown in GENERAL PUPPET MAKING. Last reply by Christopher Olsen 3 hours ago. 5 Replies

Hi guys,I have a question that no doubt many have run into before. I want to use doll eyes in my stop-mo puppets. The doll eyes come with a stem in the back, that's easy  to grind off so now they are round. But how do you animate them without…Continue

Tags: doll, eyes

Stop Motion Camera Slider Rig

Started by Christopher Olsen in ANIMATION TOOLS & EQUIPMENT. Last reply by Christopher Olsen 4 hours ago. 5 Replies

Hey guys, thought I would share the stop motion camera rig I built for a film I'm working on right now.The rig is fairly simple in design, it's just two aluminum rails from IKEA that I bolted to two pieces of masonite laminated together for…Continue

First Snow on crowdfunding portal!

Started by Karolina Čížková in NEWBIE CORNER. Last reply by Karolina Čížková 8 hours ago. 9 Replies

Hi stop-motion lovers! Stop motion film First Snow from Czech Republic is on crowdfunding compaign - on!Here is the link:…Continue

Tags: czech, republic, tradicional, snow, first

Camera Count

Started by Michael in CAMERA & STAGE. Last reply by StopmoNick 13 hours ago. 1 Reply

Hi to everybody, this is my first post here.I am looking to purchase a used Canon 40D to be used with Dragonframe.  I keep seeing people on ebay asking what is the camera count.  Since I would be using a frame grabber, is the count something I…Continue

Camera Shake Problem

Started by Haruko Napochka in NEWBIE CORNER. Last reply by Haruko Napochka yesterday. 8 Replies

Hello, everyone! My name is Haruko Napochka, and I am totally newbie here. Mostly, I've been making/learning cut-out, but thanks to your web site, I've started experimenting wire armatures and tie downs with my paper marionettes.Today, I've just…Continue

Tags: multi, plane, problem, basic, camera

Nice creepy dark carnival type stopmo in American Horror Story: Freak Show opening credits

Started by Strider in STOP MOTION ON VIDEO. Last reply by Philmation on Saturday. 7 Replies

Just saw the premiere tonight, and was amazed to see stopmotion in the credits. Oh, some weird sexual stuff going on, mostly between skeletons - just a heads up. Continue





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