First of all I'm sorry for intrusion.

I need some replies to some questions from animators for my masters!
If you could answer some questions about you work it would be really helpful!

(1-5) 1=not important 3- neutral 5-Very important

just copy paste!   Thank you!    and I'm really sorry for the trouble!

If you want to help you can either send me a message or reply here!


Animations you have worked on:

Position in the team(s):


For you! What is the major difference between stop motion and Computer animation

Is it important to leave clues like fingerprints and small defects so audiences know that is manufactured (1-5)

Stop motion benefits from 3D Printing (1-5)

Should Stop motion use CG effects Yes/No (just a little is a yes :P)

having a Making-off is important (1-5) | Why...

For you! What's is more important in one animation, Lights or Sound

For you! What is more important, content or technique

How important is the recognition, what I mean is...is absolutely necessary that both puppets and sets follow the same style/ appear to belong to the same family (1-5)

How important are the laws of animation (1-5)

For you! what has more fluid movement wire armature or ball & socket (1-5)

after answering the above question do you think the materials should be applied according to the function of the puppet (Silicon, Latex Foam, Latex) meaning one needs to know how they behave? yes/no

I don't want to bother you with more questions... BUT

Would you be willing to answer more and don't think I would be abusing? Yes/No

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You're incredibly condescending in your responses, grecodan. This is why I keep responding to explain myself.

If I had missed the point of this forum I wouldn't have replied to any of the threads like I have so far, because I didn't get my big hug after each of them.
Because as you say, thanks come without saying, it even says it in the title of this thread! But all I was saying was that it would have been polite to add to it, as he was replying immediately after me. You know, just like you would professionally. Say "Thanks for the reply. With this I meant etc". It wasn't a stab, it wasn't meant to overshadow like it has now, it was just saying, that's a polite thing to do. Whether he would take it on board or not. No, with that I don't mean to say that it should be forum law. I just said that IN THIS CASE it would have been nice. And that was it. I know not everyone has english as first language, but that is universal. 

As for the stupid bit, I know you focussed just on my one comment at the bottom, but if you read back you see that I explained myself, saying that indeed perhaps stupid wasn't the right word, and explained why I said what I did.

I think that you didn't need to comment on it in the ways you have done or at all because it was a fairly minor comment on the whole response. I'm getting told of like a child, even when I explain myself, and now apparently for explaining that I'm having a flame war with you. 

I'm sorry Bernando, I didn't mean to make you say 'thank you' forcefully to make me feel better for replying to your thread. I happily did it either way. I got up, had a bit of time, and wanted to add to it. Sometimes when I respond to things I am pretty fired up, particulary when it comes to sound, because it often gets disregarded. I apologise for getting off topic now, and I do hope you receive many useful comments here in the future. I had actually been contemplating with what you meant with lights vs sound and I guess what you maybe meant was "if you were short on money or time - which would be the most important to focus on?". In that case I would still try to get the light as good as possible and then mainly focus on sound, because of the reasons I previously mentioned. 

Like I said, Bianca, I'm looking forward to all your comments, fired up or not.

Have an even nicer day.

Bianca Ansems said:

I'll rather not reply to anything anymore.

This would be a tremendous loss to the forum.

grecodan said:

... (Not a Jim Carrey fan.) ...

Well, I did find his picture on an image search for Cheesy Comedian (because I couldn't think of the guy's name who played Herb Tarlek on WKRP in Cincinatti) - and I feel largely the same way about Carrey - but I'll brook no condescension of the Stooges! 

Well, actually feel free to insult Joe or Curly Joe, but none of the rest. Them's fightin' words my friend! 

And geeze come on dude - you deserve a good eye-poke for the "have a nice day" thing! I know you two are passionate about animation, and I love that - but I hope this little thing doesn't blow all out of proportion. 

Bianca, I completely agree about sound, and wish I knew more about it.

Holly Molly!

Bianca you're right you should be thanked! I have done it to everyone, and i just didn't do it immediately cause i was expecting an answer back!

Please don't take me wrong when I say  I get why greco said what he said, after all your answers were very passionately written and they reflect a strong opinion, yours!

I can see you have a very strong personalty and are a very determined woman!

But you start your reply by saying right there that you WON'T rate the questions, you were a little harsh with word stupid (I understand you were merely speaking about the question and not the author) but it could be red in a different perspective. And i didn't spoke about budget i really mean light, not money, i'll explain at the end...

Plus, you answer with a conviction that makes it seem you won't budge your opinion ever! (I'm saying it could be read like that, not that its what you mean) and that seemed too confident, somewhat arrogant. Buy the way i'm the most obnoxious person i know, that to me is a quality!!!! 

The "thanks" i think you are absolutely right!!! And I reaaly thank you for your input!

 For myself, i believe light is more important, because I am addicted to visual culture, and light for me is the right way to convey a metaphor, and i think people often rely on sound to when they should rely on light.

Light is the most expensive thing in a movie, fuck VFX! The right lamp, the right color, the right lumens for camera, the importance of light, Cinema is said to be the mixture of painting/photography and music, and I wanted to know what is your take on it, now i know you favor sound, and by your response. I Think sound is VERY VERY important but i favor light!

to me the right light, even if its noneeee, is favored.

I want to thank Greco also! for sticking, and protecting me, and the sharing of info and practice of this forum, i think what he meant (sorry for putting words in your mouth) was that you Bianca were replying in a way that could be misinterpreted!

BUT we are the Rescuers! Bernard and Bianca! WEEE'Rats!

my english on this one is crappier cause i had a really tough day and my mother is screaming like a cow having birth... so i gotta go... 

Bianca loved the ghost stop-mo!

I'm sorry if I came across quite harsh. I do have strong opinions, but I thought this was just a one-sided reply to your answers - so my opinions only, not open for discussion during this thread.

I thought you needed them for an essay or something. If I had known this would be for discussion I would have probably worded them differently to allow discussion (I thought kinda adding the 'fight to the death bit' also showed I myself knew I was being very strong worded).

But I guess the main problem is that forum posts can be read in many ways, and generally it's not the way intended :) Just the same as that I read your post as not thinking to just say an amiable thanks before discussing. My bad!

I do think light is very very very very important too, and it's a tough choice. The three main people I work with when I make a stopmotion is the cinematographer (light), sound + music. I can't imagine the one being without the other, but if I had to choose between lower light quality or lower sound quality I guess I would go with sound. I think light in my films play a very important part even before you hear the sound, so I completely understand your point too. I guess if I had to chose between no light, or no sound, I would go for light obviously. Like I said, I rather not make the choice :) 

I'm sorry if I came across arrogant by saying I won't rate the questions. It was all a bit confusing and I wasn't sure what you wanted from it, so I focussed on answering the questions as best as I could instead. 

As I said before, had I known this was an open discussion I would have worded it differently probably, though I have to say I'm pretty much just as strong-headed in real life arguments if I feel I have an opinion to put across :p I usually just want to challenge the other person to stand up for their point too. I respect people who give a good persuasive point, so I can be swayed.

Thanks for checking my stopmo, and yes we are the rescuers. I rather wish you had replied sooner to avoid all of this! 

Thanks, Roger, for those kind words.  And good ol' strider too of course :)

Roger Beck said:

This would be a tremendous loss to the forum.

Too late for the "blown all out of proportion thing," but I consider myself duly Stridden upon. 

Wise guy.

Strider said:

And geeze come on dude - you deserve a good eye-poke for the "have a nice day" thing! I know you two are passionate about animation, and I love that - but I hope this little thing doesn't blow all out of proportion. 

Thank you very much Bianca!

You were indeed very elegant and polite with your last answer, and you are right most of the times we read posts according to our humor at the time, or the way we think they meant to be expressed, language is foul!!!

They were not supposed to be discussed, but I in my stupidity, and this time I definitely was stupid, borderline retarded, put them up in forum... this had to happen! Shamefully with us all, well not shamefully, just that word unfor....unfortunatly? I'm having a baaaad time translating today, and you guys should look at my face I look like a ninety year old junkie with lepra!

Well Mr.Strider and I actually had a disagreement exactly because I was perceived as an arrogant prick, and didn't expressed a thankfully message, and I kinda was one...

SO I'm thinking I'm a moron and this is all my fault!

Again Bianca Thank you and I'm really sorry for not thanking you right way!

Than again I've seen more responsibility and comprehension in this forum then the many i visit, I guess internet makes us expect bad things from others, just check youtube! lol

By the way Bianca Greco is a cool dude and i don't think he meant to be disrespectful, but to assert what this forum is all about! I hope you guys don't hold a grudge!

Aww lookit that - everybody getting along again! 

Biiiiiiiig group hug! 

Here Dan, youll love this one:

I trully hate carrey...

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