I could have started posting individual shots of this here earlier but, I decided to wait till all the shots were completed and assembled into a nice compilation. This pterodactyl is for a film being made by Peter A. Montgomery called 'The Omega Device' and we decided to release my animation for the film early so as to boost interest in the project.

Peter build the puppet and did all the video effects compositing, all I had to do was push the puppet and I'm really thrilled with the way it came out...

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I guess that's smart, but I just don't like the whole idea of having a billion people on a single website, it creeps me out...I don't want to be assimilated into the 'Borg...

Funny thing is, virtually everyone on Facebook says they hate Facebook... sometimes they even delete their accounts - only to return again later to complain about Facebook. :P

But the community of professional animators and special effects people that are there make being there a virtual necessity. Love it or Hate it, Facebook will get you work.

I'm just happy that you ARE getting the work, and making it on stop motion. I just try to keep tolerating the work I'm doing, so sick of paying dues, wasting talent to make a few measly bucks. Forgive me, please, it's the middle of the season, all my waking hours spent on painting or waiting for the next ice cream eating hedonist to deem it worthy enough for me to paint a shark on their brat's t shirt...Arrrrghhhhh! I'm such a spray-jerk!

Well the paychecks I've been getting aren't anything to write home about but, they're getting better and ever since I posted these clips on the special effects pages on Facebook, I've got a lot of people starting to contact me about possible future work so... I'm trying not to let my optimistic side get me too excited but, it's hard not to.  :)

m_( Well, I have had the chance to watch this even before at the animate clay show, and it was very promising for those of us in the new generation of stop motion. I am very speechless, indeed. It is very noticeable the work you put into animating to create such realism. I also give credit to Peter for the composting. The video itself is absolutely historical, and maybe bit ironic using the prehistory as the "theme" whereas this by far post-story and not otherwise. Now, despite any credit from you two, if Ron wouldn't have put his capacity at work, this would just have been another catchy, special effects video. Nothing wrong with special effects, just pointing out what make the video so outstanding. No doubts you've been working so quietly, from which makes me reflect the importance of being quiet sometimes; it seems that could be one of the conditions to acquire extraordinary results.

m_( As for the last comment about facebook. From my experience, hating a non-human-virtual environment social network with no feelings, no blame, is just so that you draw yourself this idea in your mind by fooling yourself and  cursing what you know won't ever curse you back. Maybe not the most rational way to proceed. It just works for me doing that and not delivering my rage anywhere else. And still communities like these, animate clay, among few others, really make a difference in terms of doing something productive (at least thinking you are doing it) and not been mentally hypnotized by bunch of notifications coming out of nowhere that you don't actually told yourself you were going to read and you just go ahead and end up reading...

I still think of SMA as my 'home' on the internet and would never leave here. But it's possible to make so many professional connections on Facebook that it's a place everyone needs to be for work purposes.

Well, this winter I'll be back full tilt on my project, you can believe that. Of course, I paint pictures and names on t shirts ( contrary to what my customers seem to think, that "look, they're making shirts!") To make the money so that I can put it into potatoes and silicone, etc., and live without the things that make us human these days ( like internet, cable, decent food, human companionship, heat.) If I fail in my efforts, at least I know that it wasn't due to lack of giving it my all. I'm proud of Ron and Peter for pushing, pushing, pushing, and finally beginning to gain some traction. And , very, very happy for them. I'm just feeling sorry for myself too much, I know, but that is where my motivation stems from. "The madder Hulk gets, the harder Hulk works!" You guys are gonna crap when you get a load of my stuff one day, I assure you, but I'm also very aware that words are cheap.

As far as the internet and facebook go, getting myself started on that subject is dangerous, especially on online posts! That is the very point. Humanity has about 30-40 years left from my perspective. By 2029, machines will be as 'smart' as people, by 2045 hundreds of thousands of times smarter, and will be the worst thing to happen to the human race since time began. If you aren't trans human, you will be considered sub human, the worship of synthetic gods is inevitable, and I won't say anything more about religion or what primitive screw heads had to say about it thousands of years ago.

You better believe that they will curse you back!

But, the modern miracles that are occurring are fantastic, incredibly empowering, and can be a force for good. For now. And will continue to be so, even more so, for a while. And I love the forums that let people with similar interests with too much geography between them communicate and collaborate. But it is, again, in my twisted perspective, only a seduction with a nasty outcome.

C'mon guys, don't let me be a thread-killer on such an awesome topic as what Ron and Peter have going on here, I tend to diverge off topic, and I've had a crappy day is all...

I apologize profusely for my asinine behavior, I'll try to reign it in.

Long live 21st century stop motion, it is in the hands of the best and most capable among us!

Yes, looked at the site, and I can see from the photos that  Sacred Engine is the film I meant!  Glad to hear it is up and running again.

Oldschooler - I know all to well from whence you come, the cheerful mood I'm in today is due to lots of positive feedback about the newly released footage but there have been many many more days when I'm ranting the same rant you just ranted so, of kindred spirits are we.

(I have no idea why I just went all Yoda with that but, so it was said and remain it will)

 Thanks, Ron, feel better now I do!

And, Nick, those sculpts from Sacred Engine are incredible, are they not? And if I recall correctly, Ron, they were only about 6" tall, weren't they? The sets were so inspiring to see in person, the whole double monitor setup with dragonframe, getting to see some of the animation done up to that point...just the whole experience of getting to meet you, Ron, and Paul, at your premier for ITFOG, then having you invite me to see the panel discussion at the School for Visual Arts, and getting to meet Tatia, Joe, and David, having dinner ( with Bill Plympton sitting at the next table too! ) with you guys, and getting to go to see the studio after that, just to much for this little redneck to handle!

It might sound silly, or sad, even, but absolutely one of the best experiences of my life up to this point! Being in the city, hitting all the museums ( except for MOMA and the Frick). Almost getting kicked out of the Met!

But I love the country, the quiet, lack of distractions...that's more my speed for regular day to day life, but, I did love visiting the city, especially when I got to the very heart of the stop motion scene in NYC!

That was indeed a very cool and special day, everything you listed there was equally as exciting for me as well... don't make the mistake of thinking that was any kind of average day for us around here because days like that are very rare... my goal in life is to make them less rare.

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