Use this space to tell everyone about yourself and your interest in stop motion animation.

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Hi everyone, my name is Ruth and I am from Leyton in East London. I've been lurking on this site for a few years now but i'm a bit rubbish at interacting, sorry!

Lovely to read all your stories! Here's mine...

I got into stop-motion while at University. I took a course in traditional (mostly hand-drawn) animation but we did a stop-mo project in year 2 and I was instantly hooked. I've always loved animation and building/making things and something just clicked. 

After Uni, I got a day job doing admin at a record label. I was always talking about animation to my colleagues and after they saw some of my work they asked me to make a music video for one of their bands. I went on to make a few more for them and then some other labels too.

I really loved working there but I wanted to do more animation (and less book-keeping) so I quit and went freelance doing waitressing/bar work part-time. 

Since then i've been freelancing as an animator and managed to get part-time jobs as an artist assistant and architectural model-maker which is awesome, but I only do it to feed my stop-mo habit ha ha! It definitely is an addiction :-S

BTW is anyone here based in London? I would love to work on collaborations, organise meet-ups and screenings in the future.

Cheers people!

Hello fellas.

I have always liked plastic arts, painting, etc. Also cinema. When a child I loved plasticine. So now... my elder son is 3 years and I started to make some films for him... just 20-30 secs. He loved it!, so, now.... i decided to go further and enjoy the art deeply. I bougth few sets of lego, and I ll try to do some war footage.. 

So, I ll try to start with easy things, and getting into the thing, lights, software, edition, etc. 

So, hello to all and I ll probably post with questions soon!

  1. Hi to all. I have always loved animation, especially stop motion. With having very little money one would expect me to to use what I had but being 54 I know although a bad workman always blames his tools it is still best to get the best you can hope for. Lol. I received stop motion pro from my wife a few years ago now and have since bought a Nikon and a manual lens so i could get live view plus decent film if I intend to go a bit further. I made a wire armature using milliput and putting the tie down nuts in the feet. Me and my five year old son have been using this and other things like stikbots etc as well as multiplane and other types of animation. I have just got a stop motion pro steel armature and rig and am waiting on a pro stage. I toyed with the idea of making all of the things but decided that in the great scheme of things it would be better to go this way. Plus my little lad ends up with fairly good gear if he decides to go any further with it. I have been watching tutorial videos on more or less anything and everything to do with stop motion. I have been doing a bit about cameras for my interest in photography plus that leads to lighting obviously which will be useful. I play quite a few instruments and have a bit of a studio in the same room I use for animating. Hopefully this will be used for my background music and narration. The plus side of having to wait for my products is that I am also quite anul so don't mind doing the same things over and over again. I have spent most of my time just trying walks. I certainly wont be trying to run before that, pardon the pun. I am pretty useless on forums. I never intend to offend but sometimes do by asking something already asked for or being off thread sort of thing.. So if any of this happens(I really hope it doesn't as I'm sure you all do also) could a polite reminder be put forward with a useful discription  of what I should have done. Once explained it won't happen again but if it did then you are in your rights to remind me and tell me where to go. I would love to see anybody's work as I enjoy it and know even if it's not a high standard the work has probably been put in.

Hi John thanks for talking about your exploration. I too am keen to start out with stop motion animation, I'm 36 and was starting to think I'm too oid to learn new tricks. I'm also trying machinima and adobe after effects. But I have a very patient and logical mind and coming from a background of learning computer programming as well as a writing background, I think stop motion might be a good way to go. I haven't bought any gear yet. Can you advise where to get the good stuff (not too expensive, but not "for kids") I'm also interested in clay sculpting so would like to build my own puppets.

I've been looking around the site for a while.  So, it's time to say something.  


I recently became interested in stop motion and began researching the subject.  I've accumulated a lot of info and started building armatures.  Then, I found this place.  Awesome!!!  Hopefully, I can help folks out with some of my experiences since I've gotten a few good tips on here already.

I'm looking forward to animating and sharing with everyone here.  ...soon.

Hello, my name is Geoff.   ***"HI, GEOFF"****

I'm an animator who started out doing 3D CGI animation, and did that for about 10 years, making games and corporate video, and then stepped away from it for a few years. I've come back and I'm focusing on doing a stop-motion film because I love the art form.

I'm working on a short film called Tragic Magic, the story of an old wizard and his apprentice, and visit by Death puts them into a pickle. It's roughly 50% complete, and I hope to finish it this year. (I'll put up an in-depth summary in the forums soon).  To follow my sporadic progress, I post updates on Twitter:  @tragicmagicfilm 

Hope to learn and share on this website here.


Hi James,

If you have a reasonable computer (desktop or laptop), you can get started for the price of a webcam. Download some free software (try AnimaShooter Junior ), plug a second-hand webcam into a spare USB socket, say a Logitech C920 USB HD Pro ( saw this one on eBay just now for a tenner ( British pounds )), and you can throw away that Gaf and start over for practically nothing...

John Oakley

James Hebson said:

Hello all.  There was a time back in the Dark Ages 1960's when I did a fair amount of animation using my tristy GAF Super-8 camera.  I suppose that I was fair at it as I was invited to travel to local High Schools to show and discuss my films.  Anyhow, my deep attraction to the opposite sex caused a need to become married at the ripe old age of Seventeen and raise a family.  Forty-seven years later and I am still married to the same beautiful girl.  Only now I have two adult children and two young Grandsons.  I also have my GAF and no film to run through it.  I would like to pass on my love of animation to my Grandsons, but I would like to use more modern equipment. I have read that DSLR is okay but very hard on the camera.  That's a whole lot of frames to take.  My Grandsons are Eleven and Eight years of age.  Any guidance for this old newby would really be appreciated.  Being on a medical retirement money is somewhat tight.  Although I do have more than I did in 1966.  Thank you all for any and all advice.  Jim "POPPY" 

Eve This is the first time really seeing your work,,very nice

Eve L.Cyr said:

Hello everyone! 

I'm a model maker from Montreal, Canada. I thought I'd share my new portfolio here:

Also, I'm looking forward to participate in the next StopMo Jam!

Hi, new to the site and fairly new to stop motion. I've been interested in it for years and have always wanted to get more involved, but, life happens. Now, I'm 58 yrs old, and finally have started working on a armature for my first puppet. 

Hi, Mark welcome to the site, it's a great fun and friendly place!, it's never too late to start something, hope to see your working progress :)

Hi all. I'm also fairly new to the site and also past 50 (gasp!) but a lifelong fan of sci-fi and stop motion. Just getting back into it after a 25-year hiatus and loving the digital format and easy-to-use apps now available. Starting off with iMotion, iMovie, and Frameographer and we'll see where it goes from there. Wish there had been a site like this when I was a teen... oh wait, there was no Internet... no PC, no Mac... well, at least we had Starlog! :)

Hey everyone. My name is Cyrus... new to the site. Been animating since I was 6 and received my first 8mm camera. Here to get feedback on my projects and network with fellow animators. I'm 35 , disabled, a year away from my BA, and reentering the workforce... woot! XD

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