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Hi everybody! I'm Agustin Chapa. I'm Spanish but actually I'm based in Shanghai (China) working as photographer.
I come from very different disciplines such as graphic design, 3d, retouching, and actually photography.
In 2006 I was managing a very little company in Spain doing collectibles miniatures based in movies characters. My company was the first one using 3d printable technologies for this purpose but due to the so expensive prices of manufacturing at that time I decided Don't keep forward. At that moment I was available to give better quality than the most important brands on the market. One day I read about LAIKA studios and how they actually are taking advantage of this technologies. That catch my interest in the stop motion industry since I have some background than certainly can be used in a stop motion production. So I hope guys I can enjoy in this site and learn a little bit more about this beautiful animated art.

Hello everyone and thanks for having me here. I've decided I better stop lurking around because this is a great resource that I look forward to being a part of.

I'm new to stop motion but not new to animation - I've been "involved" in animation at some level or another since 1993. I've worked on all sorts of random projects ranging from station ID bumpers and logo spots for broadcast, 3d modelling and animation for corporate video, multimedia training and web delivery and in the past two or three years have been developing the tradigital and puppet based 2d animation side of my brain with Toon Boom's range of products.

I'm here to continue to broaden my animation repertoire and stop motion is one heck of a mountain to climb...but a worthy effort. I thank you all for what I've gleaned from here already and promise to contribute back where I'm able and share my development with you all. I've spent the last year and a half slowly investing in the pursuit by way of software, lenses, lighting kits and chroma screens and am now onto the first few puppets and all that involves, stage construction, camera dolly rig building and model making for a mass army project I hope to have finished up for this coming winter - a spoof bit that I'll just be floating out on YouTube. A personal project, nothing earth shattering but fun on a mini epic sort of scale.

I'm finding more and more that I'm yearning to get back to the roots of animation where the charm still lives through the artistry. And of course even in stop motion we see technology coming to the forefront - but to me it's a bit of a relief. I CAN wrap the processes involved today such as replacement face puppets (which make so much sense to me) - I couldn't fathom how it used to be and quite frankly likely couldn't cut it to do it the old fashioned way with hand sculpted everything for every frame.

So that's me. Just a little one-man, home-based studio (in our 13th year in business) that would love one day to bloom and grow but for now I'm happy with the work I do. Happier that it allows me to play an active role in my growing children's lives so I'll never complain about my lot in life.

What do I dream of at night? Arc motion control......wouldn't that be nice to play with?

Hi Animatters, I'm new here, and just learning as many others... I just was reading your post and made me think how many people we share a similar dream. Thant's beautiful.

Welcome here I hope to see your works.

All the best

Hi guys,

I'm really new at stop motion. Give me 2-3 years, I am planning to open a Stop Motion Production back in my home country. Currently i'm working as an expat in other country, trying to collect money in pursuing my dream.

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Puppet Putty

Puppet Putty is formulated by clay animator Don Carlson. Properties include colors that do not bleed on your hands, a matte finish, cleans up with water, is very light weight, firm, non-greasy and has a silky texture.


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