Use this space to tell everyone about yourself and your interest in stop motion animation.

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Grace great to see you here, looks like lots of talent here, and this forum is now the richer for your being here!

Grace Ahmed said:

My name is Grace Ahmed. I'm a Mom, Illustrator, and Stop-motion Animator living in Burlington, Vermont. 

I had a major house fire in January so I'm living away from my home & studio at the moment, but I'm trying to get at least a little work done & I'm looking forward to participating in the Your Face Global Jam this summer. :)

Camilo! Great to see another Jammer here. Thanks for sharing the Guard Dog link as well.

Camilo Arturo said:

Hello Everyone! I came because YOUR FACE told me to =OO

I was part of the Bill Plympton short Guard Dog Global Jam, and YOUR FACE which I suppose is the Plympteam's name here, so here I am.

Normally I do animation in pixelart ( you only know what that is if you're a hip inde gamer :p here's some samples ) but the jam was pretty much my only serious attempt at something else

This is the jam's final result

This is what I contributed (WARNING, EXTREME NOODLING)

Hello, my name is Antonio J. Cebrián.  I am a music teacher in Spain. I like stop-mo and I am working in the first episode of a sci-fi serie called: "El Plastinauta". I read frecuently this page; comments are very interesting.

My web page:

Hi, my name is Lou, I am 44 years old and in a wheelchair. I am just starting out in stop motion movie making, so any help would be greatly appreciated...

Hi! I've been making brickfilms for quite some time and I'd like to start branching out and making larger animations. I've made an awesome Blade Runner city that I feel the only way to do justice to is to get some actual software and an actual camera. Hopefully I'll have some great animations by the end of the year!

Hello!  My name is Randy.  I am just starting out doing stop-motion animation and find this site very helpful.  I am currently using Dragonframe and doing some animations with LEGOs.  I am still learning the ropes of how to do things with Dragonframe.  I chose to do LEGO animations because I find it easier to work with those tiny LEGO mini figures.

I like the medium that stop-motion animation presents.  I used to animate in 2D, but my drawing skills were not that good.  However, I believe I understand most of the animation principles and I want to apply it in stop-motion animation.

Looking forward to meet with like-minded animators from this community.  Thanks!

Here's my webpage:

I also have a YouTube Channel:

Hello, I am Pier, I am an Italian PhD student who is doing research on animation.

Animation, and stop motion in particular, is my personal passion. :)

Hello all, glad to see so many animators and fanatics!

I'm Zoe AKA Fatblood a video artist & director for WalkingHouse ( my new production company ). I got back into stop motion recently and I'm reteaching myself the craft since I haven't taken a class since college. I'm currently working on my first personal short film & a few bumpers. I'm setting out to do it all, while looking for others who want to trade and offer services to make stuff till we find paid work! I'm a animation director (from previous agency work), art director, storyboard artists, editor, producer, fabricator, dragon frame fanatic, and animation fan / historian.

I look forward to chatting and helping when ever I can?

I still check in daily, but I know a few animators who are mostly found on Facebook these days and hardly ever show up here.  I don't do the live chat room thing though, I'm on such a different time zone from the US and UK.  Anyway welcome to the message board Bigwig!


Did a 2 year animation course at st.johns college in cork ireland.

Found out that I like making models quite a bit. Currently working on a 3 minute stop motion. There's a lot to learn! 

Very glad that I found this site. Happy to see that I'm not alone in my madness.

I'm Johan from Holland.

I've been a sculptor for ages and do some puppet building on the side. I specialize in human heads. I'm not a stopmo animator nor do I want to be, I'm just in it for the puppets. However I will be making some demo's with moving puppets as a promotion for themselves. I think its beautiful how they eventually come to life. Hope to make a lot of them in the future


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