I had a longer description of this project, but here is a better and shorter one:

This is a scene for a project (my space opera: THE NOLVIN PROJECT) that I'll work on 40 or so years later in my life. This scene, however, I'm creating now. It is a blend of Stop-Motion and CGI in a way never done before (don't count that as factual, I could be wrong). While many modern stopmotion films and shorts that have good CG characters, backgrounds, sets, etc, they not always interacting with the Stop-motion elements.That has sorta bothered me.

This short combines Stop-motion with 80's style mecha action in a Sci-Fi setting with some scenes having Kanada-style animation and others having Koichi Ohata/ James Cameron/John Carpenter filming styles done.

This short (and years later, its film) will be very bloody, very violent, very serious, and should not be viewed by people who are not comfortable watching those kinds of things. For those people, I'll create my Wallace and Gromit tribute, "Sparky's Saturday Night," right after this project.

This is a one-man project and there have been many changes during its creation. It is now, however, steadily progressing toward total completion.

I hope you will all enjoy the end-result when it is done.

until it is completed:

Stay tuned, and stay frosty.

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The mechas in this project were mostly inspired by Mechanical Designer master Koichi Ohata. Here's some of his creations that have been inspirational to this project:

Note: The pictures I have just shown here are the creations of Koichi Ohata. I'm only showing these so that you guys can see where some of my inspirations come from.
I do not claim any as my own.

As you guys can see, I still have a very long way before I can consider myself a good mechanical designer.

I'm going to start a new website for myself. The reason being that I don't want to clutter this site with updates. I also want my animation works to be more accessible to people who aren't on this site.

I'll post the site up in a day or two.

Until then...

Stay tuned and stay frosty.

Here's a quick shot of the Troopship with a UV texture map applied. I'm going to redo this UV map because, honestly, I really don't like it.

Note: I'm able to get one thing done every week or two due to my College courses (All high-level core classes for engineering.) taking up my time.

For those getting sick of seeing all this crappy CG stuff, I promise that I will work on the Stop-Motion aspect of the project this summer.

I'm make good progress with what time I do get in between studying my college courses.

Some things that I've made sure of with this Stop-motion/CGI combo:

Absolutely NO:

Lens flare and glares(I only use them at appropriate times).

Shaky camera ("focus! Focus!!!")

Motion blur(never looks right to me).

Post-production digital panning effects, (panning during animation will be done instead to improve quality).

And no "Uncanny Valley" effects(I'm not going to make this stupid little feature look like crap).

Here's what I've included:

Glow effects(like in the Transformers animated movie).

Panning(like in anime cel animations).

Blood and gore(this is an Ultraviolent short).

and more...

Stay tuned and stay frosty.

David Tomasiewicz said:

Here's what I've included:

Blood and gore(this is an Ultraviolent short).

You lost me with that. There is far too much of a focus on dark, bloody violence in today's "entertainment," but that's just me.

This short doesn't have a story at all. It's just a means to show off my abilities as an animator. The next short after this one is my Wallace and Gromet tribute "Sparky's Saturday Night." That short will have a good story and no violence whatsoever.

I'm sorry if my current project turns out too bloody. I'm just trying to show some CGI characters get slaughtered by one Stop-motion character.

I'm a pretty sane and stable individual in reality.

(When I say ultraviolent, I mean like Genocyber and MD Geist violent).

Roger Beck said:

David Tomasiewicz said:

Here's what I've included:

Blood and gore(this is an Ultraviolent short).

You lost me with that. There is far too much of a focus on dark, bloody violence in today's "entertainment," but that's just me.

Gotta love Wallace and Gromet.

I've watched those first three films since I was 5. My favorite is always "The Wrong Trousers," although "A Close Shave" had that awesome sidecar/plane. Come to think of it, I love them all!
Roger Beck said:

Gotta love Wallace and Gromet.

Here's an example of the glow effect I have throughout this short.

That looks cool! It reminds me a little bit of TRON.

Thanks Roger. The glow look actually comes from Transformers: The Movie (the animated one).

Roger Beck said:

That looks cool! It reminds me a little bit of TRON.

Here's the Cargo Spaceship.

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