I had a longer description of this project, but here is a better and shorter one:

This is a scene for a project (my space opera: THE NOLVIN PROJECT) that I'll work on 40 or so years later in my life. This scene, however, I'm creating now. It is a blend of Stop-Motion and CGI in a way never done before (don't count that as factual, I could be wrong). While many modern stopmotion films and shorts that have good CG characters, backgrounds, sets, etc, they not always interacting with the Stop-motion elements.That has sorta bothered me.

This short combines Stop-motion with 80's style mecha action in a Sci-Fi setting with some scenes having Kanada-style animation and others having Koichi Ohata/ James Cameron/John Carpenter filming styles done.

This short (and years later, its film) will be very bloody, very violent, very serious, and should not be viewed by people who are not comfortable watching those kinds of things. I'll create my Wallace and Gromit tribute, "Sparky's Saturday Night," right after this project.

This is a one-man project and there have been many changes during its creation. It is now, however, steadily progressing toward total completion.

I hope you will all enjoy the end-result when it is done.

until it is completed:

Stay tuned, and stay frosty.

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It's been awhile since I've updated this. My college (especially engineering) classes have kept me busy.

I recently went to the Sakura-Con to see one of my main inspirations for animation: Koichi Ohata.

It was awesome. He was very nice and really liked my drawings (I showed him three of my best ones). He especially liked my version of his DEATH FORCE mecha from MD GEIST(he's holding it in the picture below). He also signed my CPM out-of-print copy of Cybernetics Guardian (my favorite of his movies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjrbDl1s4hA).

I didn't even ask him to hold up my drawing when we took this picture! How cool is that?

In other news: Here's my design for Scorpio. My oldest character (10 years old), and my most evil one.

(Sorry about the pictures being too big. I've been swamped with calculus homework lately and haven't had much time to edit these photos).

Animation begins this summer. Until then...

Stay tuned and stay frosty.

All CG animation has been completed! The CG portion of this project is not done, however. I just have the animation done for the CG characters, props, etc. Next step is to load that animation data from the Low-Poly(simplified models) into the High-Poly (the finished and detailed models). I also was able to get some Mo-Cap animation data for my human characters (mostly basic movements like walking and other things).

After that, it's time to work on the Stop-Motion aspect of the project. I've never tried animating a Stop-Motion character for a fully 3D set(not a background picture, but a fully rotatable digital environment), so this will be an interesting challenge.

I don't want to show completely what the scenes will look like, but I'll be uploading one of the Pre-Viz shots on YouTube. I'll post a link here for you guys.

As always...

Stay tuned and stay frosty.

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