Is 3d printing my models the best method for stop motion?

Doing the action figure 3d printing method.

I’ve been making models for about 6 years now and I want to actually start animating.

Thing is I would have to paint on these models. And had hair clothing etc as their just base models is 3d pritning joints the best method for stop motion?

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I'd like to get a better grasp on your question: when you say, "Is 3D Printing joints the best method for stop motion?"  That sounds like you wonder if your armature should be 3d Printed?

If That's correct, then I guess it depends on how fast you can print the skeleton, and how strong they are.  it seems like the design and printing of an armature is possible but it may really take time, especially if you need to do iterations and improvements on the skeleton.

Ready-made armatures are strong and you can order them and have them relatively quickly. It seems like the work has been done for you already.  (?)

I've never done 3d printing but it seems cool.  Laika's facial work on the Boxtrolls was what made me inspired to start with my production, but of course they have big budgets and the best people. Even with knowing Maya and z-brush, I decided to buy armatures to speed up the development.  

I hope this helps.

i'm currently studying 3D printing and i practice models but fail to make a good one. Coming up in August i have my school project display in which i have to design and exhibit my work. I have sketched some too using back to school promo codes stroke pencils. Now the problem is i can not connect the dots. and that is the major problem behind it. Please help

When I see a link like "back to school promo codes" I get suspicious.  We had a spammer here recently who cut and pasted bits of genuine questions from other forums, with fake links which I would never click on.  This might be the same thing.  If not spam, a bit more info would help.

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It is good thing you are starting on your carrier in 3d print field I like it and also you will make embroidery digitizing design and many more.

3d printing is a very new method, but stop motion animation goes back more than 100 years.  So there are many other options for making puppets to animate.  What is best depends on the style you are going for, and maybe your feelings about how much computer work you can incorporate into stop motion before it begins to lose the unique hand-made quality.  I find that many of Laika's films feel too a bit much like cgi, while recognising what a great achievement they are and the freedom that mixing in 3d printed faces and cgi background characters gives them.   I prefer to sculpt, make moulds, and cast in foam latex or silicone, or build up with cushion foam and latex, all hand crafted methods with no 3d printing involved. I leave the computer for the compositing and a few effects.  But 3d printing does let you make a lot of replacement faces so you can get any expression you want, and as many in-between stages as you need.  Hand sculpting replacement faces is possible, but you usually have to have fewer different shapes, you can't make hundreds of them for each character like you can with 3d printing.

For joints, I don't know if printing in plastic will be strong enough to take the tension and hold the puppet up, except in small 6" tall figures like the Stickfas and others. I wouldn't use it for 12" figures, as the height doubles the mass multiplies by 8 times.  Metal is better for armatures where you can't let the joints get too thick just to get the strength, and even aluminium plates aren't strong enough for very slender figures.  Generally each piece needs to be machined, though I believe there have been some stock armatures offered which cast duplicate metal parts to lower the cost.  It matters what metal they are cast from, cheap casting metals are weak and brittle and mainly for display pieces that won't be animated.  I believe there are some 3d printers that can print in metal, but I don't think they are affordable.   I mostly use the cheap and quick option of making the armature from annealed aluminium armature wire, half a day is enough to make a workable armature.  Wire has limitations, but I have a lot of practice animating wire armatures now, so I very rarely spend the 4 to 6 days it takes me to make a ball and socket armature.

Oops, meant Stickybones, not Stickfas.  Can't seem to edit my reply.

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