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DSLR Full-Manual (avoiding flicker) extremely confused.

I've been reading a lot of threads in a lot of forums, and I'm still flabbergasted about how complicated this topic is to fully understand.…

Started by Mike

54 on Wednesday
Reply by StopmoNick

A bargain of lenses on ebay, Are these good?

Started by Mastermind Films

0 on Tuesday

DSLR Bluetooth Connection to Computers

Hi everyone! I have a Canon 1100d here. When I try connecting it to my computer using the cable with it, my  computer won't detect it. I se…

Started by Mastermind Films

5 on Tuesday
Reply by Mastermind Films

High Frequency PWM Dimmable LED lamp

I've produced a prototype luminaire which uses high frequency pulse width modulation (PWM) to dim a 40W LED module. The 4kHz PWM frequency…

Started by Kit

13 Apr 6
Reply by Kit

Illuminated prop illusion

Picked up a neat lighting trick from Dexter, wanted to share it with you guys.  If you want to make it look like a lamp is in a room with a…

Started by Pram

0 Mar 30

Sub-$100 reference camera

Hi folks, I just researched the Canon A1200, one of the only inexpensive point-and-shoot cameras that has 24p video recording. The A1200 do…

Started by Pram

9 Mar 11
Reply by Pram

How to light a room which should look dark?

Hey everyone!  I'm working on my new stop motion right now (as you could have seen because of the pictures I'm posting from time to time) a…

Started by BenniArt

10 Mar 9
Reply by BenniArt

Mysterious flicker!

Can someone give me some advice about flicker, please? I am using a Canon 600d with manual lenses, linked to Dragonframe on a Macbook. The…

Started by Simon Tytherleigh

43 Mar 7
Reply by StopmoNick

Camera for live view work around

Hello, I'm using a Nikon d50 with Dragonframe and would love to be able to have the live view function available. I understand people work…

Started by Alex Bruce

5 Feb 3
Reply by Alex Bruce

Controlling focus and other camera gear

I am trying to work out what additional camera related gear I might want to get. I currently use a reasonably basic setup, which I have upl…

Started by Cellarmation

6 Feb 3
Reply by StopmoNick




Message Board

Creature of Mischief

Started by Danny Samuels in GENERAL PUPPET MAKING. Last reply by StopmoNick 3 hours ago. 1 Reply

Hey guys here is a picture of the puppet I just finished for my friends short.  It's called a Creature of Mischief.  It was a fairly simple build.  I'd love to hear what you guys think.…Continue

Winder rig

Started by Marnik in ANIMATION TOOLS & EQUIPMENT. Last reply by StopmoNick 4 hours ago. 6 Replies

I was wondering if anyone has built or knows how to build a winder rig or knows of a cheap alternative. I'm talking about the kind seen at 5:14 in this video: …Continue

Tags: walking, walk, rigging, puppet, rig

Frame rate and shooting on 2s what to do/ help.

Started by Ben Tobin in NEWBIE CORNER. Last reply by Ben Tobin 14 hours ago. 11 Replies

Hi, I'm really new to stop motion and have been trying out various frame rates but am mostly sticking to 24p for no particular reason.  after my first couple of attempts I switched to shooting in/on twos (1photo for 2 frames) as I have read that a…Continue

The Problem:

Started by Varg Ossian in NEWBIE CORNER. Last reply by Kit 14 hours ago. 6 Replies

What to Practice? What to Focus on?Stop motion, is unique in that it requires a considerable amount of materials and skills in order to create... something... anything. So what specific aspects should I practice on in order to become good, or even…Continue

CalArts vs. SCAD??????

Started by Ian Timothy in ANIMATION SCHOOLS. Last reply by Pram yesterday. 13 Replies

I am a finishing up my senior year of high school. I have been accepted to CalArts and SCAD, both very good animation schools. I have a full ride at SCAD, and a pretty good scholarship at CalArts. I would have to take out loans at CalArts so I am…Continue

Tags: CalArts, SCAD

THE SPACEMAN - A Stop-Motion Space Adventure

Started by Josh Funk in YOUR STOPMO FILM PROJECT. Last reply by Josh Funk yesterday. 2 Replies

I just launched a kickstarted today for my latest project about a man who creates a cardboard spaceship, goes to another planet to dispose of a mysterious object, & battles an ALIEN MONSTER!. …Continue

Tags: alien, spaceship, monster, funk, spaceman




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